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Reporting Concerns During Difficulty Times

The University of Kansas has taken unprecedented steps over the past two weeks to follow emerging health recommendations and mandates related to COVID-19, including limiting our on-campus presence to only essential employees who are needed to perform critical functions during the crisis.

As we navigate this experience of minimal on-campus presence with most of the KU community working, teaching and learning from home, inevitably there will be concerns that need to be voiced. Those concerns vary from personal safety, to equitable access to online classes, to data security, and more.

Human Resource Management encourages you to share your concerns or seek answers by contacting the relevant campus unit directly. Some key campus units include:

Human Resource Managment

Issues: questions about mission-essential/non-mission-essential employee status, work location and conditions, pay, time and leave, benefits
hrdept@ku.edu | 785-864-4946 | humanresources.ku.edu

Institutional Opportunity & Access

Issues: equitable access to online learning and working, discrimination, harassment
ioa@ku.edu | 785-864-6414 | ioa.ku.edu

ADA Resource Center for Equity & Accessibility

Issues: online accessibility and accommodations
accessibility@ku.edu | 785-864-4946 | humanresources.ku.edu/accessibility

Ombuds Office

Issues: a confidential and neutral resource for sharing and discussing a wide range of concerns, facilitate communication, and discuss rights and responsibilities
ombuds@ku.edu | 785-864-7261 | ombuds.ku.edu

IT Security Office

Issues: data security, systems security, personal device security
itsec@ku.edu | 785-864-8080 | itsecurity.ku.edu

Public Safety Office

Issues: Life/safety issues, criminal activity, building security
911 on-campus emergencies | kupso@ku.edu | 785-864-5900 | publicsafety.ku.edu

Environment, Health & Safety

Issues: campus environment, lab safety, hazardous materials
ehsdept@ku.edu | 785-864-4089 | ehs.ku.edu

Internal Audit

Issues: suspected fraud, corruption, misappropriation
internalaudit@ku.edu | 785-864-0042 | internalaudit.ku.edu
Ethics hotline: 844-420-9065

If your concern falls outside one of the above areas, visit reportit.ku.edu for a list of additional resources. I also encourage you to check KU’s Policy Library for relevant guidance, including new and updated policies.

As we work through this new and challenging situation together, please know that campus offices and staff are available to support you. Please reach out to them if you have concerns or questions.


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