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Departmental/Supervisor Onboarding Checklist

In addition to the Onboarding services provided at the Shared Service Center, there are several tasks a supervisor or departmental representative will want to initiate before and during an employee’s first year of employment within the unit.

Upon Offer/Prior to Start Date:

  1. Determine Space: Identify the location that the employee will work.  If new space is required, begin coordinating with administrative hierarchy to identify and prepare the space to be ready upon the start date.   If space is a lab, coordination with the new hire will further be required.
  2. Determine Computer Equipment Needs:   Request computer setup and installation, technology planning, workstation maintenance, order workstation equipment (if needed), and schedule other services provided by IT.
  3. Order phone/LYNC service:  Place phone orders to establish and maintain voice support for data, voice, Cable TV/Video, and other communication services.
  4. Identification of Specialized System Access (Software and Applications): Begin preparing access request(s) for enterprise systems such as; OAC, KU Financials, BudCast, HRPay, CollegeNet, Talent Development, etc.  Access requests are processed after the hire’s appointment has been processed and completed in the HRPay system.  As a result, we would encourage you to follow-up with the new employee to complete the onboarding process timely.
  5. Building/Office Access:  Coordinate building access and/or key acquisition for the new employee.  Inform your new hire of building security requirements, hours, safety regulations and emergency exit procedures, and access codes (if applicable).
  6. KU Online ID: Confirm with the employee that he/she has completed the set-up of their KU Online ID on or before the first day of employment.  Establishment of the KU Online ID provides employees access to email, Blackboard, library services and create your own webpage.  IT Customer Service Center may be contacted at 785-864-8080 for technical difficulties.​
  7. Partner Services:  If a new employee’s partner is interested in working at KU and needs assistance with the job search and application process, contact Human Resources at hrdept@ku.edu to schedule an appointment with a Senior Recruiter. 
  8. Campus Navigation: Review with your new employee important features of the KU campus that will assist them with their employment at KU and general orientation.  It is also important to inform new hires of the accessibility on campus to assist in navigation of buildings and pathways.
  9. Campus Transportation:  Your new employee may be interested in various transportation options on campus such as safe biking trails, pedestrian access, and KU Parking and Transit options. 
  10. Parking at KU: If your new employee is located on the Lawrence campus and is in a regular staff or faculty position he/she will have the option to sign up for a one week temporary parking permit for all Yellow and Red lots during his/her onboarding appointment.  The SSC also provides information regarding the purchasing of parking permits at the time of onboarding.  Please confirm with your new employee that his/her questions have been answered.  For more information, visit Faculty and Staff Parking regarding parking permit options, costs, and how to register. If you have any questions about registering for a temporary or permanent parking permit, please contact the KU Parking and Transit department at 785-864-7275 or by email at kupark@ku.edu.
  11. Center for Online Distance Learning (CODL):  Reach out to your new faculty member to determine if he/she needs assistance from KU’s online learning center.  CODL provides support in the use of innovative pedagogy and teaching and learning technologies as well as assists media production services for online delivery, exam proctoring, and answers hundreds of student inquiries about KU online courses each semester.
  12. Moving a Research Grant, Contract or Sponsored Project to KU:  If your new employee needs assistance in transferring a grant from their home institution to KU, contact the KU Research Office to establish a meeting with their PostAward Services team.
  13. Movement of Electronic Resources and Research Data:  If your new employee requires assistance in moving research or other sensitive data between campuses or employers contact Information Technology Services to make an appointment with a resource representative.

First Day

  1. Confirm Onboarding Appointment:  Confirm that the new employee’s onboarding appointment has been completed with the unit’s SSC representative or it is scheduled within the first three days of employment.  New employees that have not been issued a Social Security Number should not begin working until an application has been submitted, processed, and a number assigned by the Social Security Administration Office.  Check with your SSC for questions, concerns or difficulties.  If there are any additional new hire documents required by your unit, review such documents, acquire signatures and provide the information to your unit contact for record retention purposes or submit a copy to HR if a record needs to be imaged into the employee folder.
  2. myKU Portal Access:  Provide the new employee with a visual review of myKU portal, identify what it is used for and how he/she may access it through single sign on technology.
  3. Review Department Policies:  Review departmental policies, by-laws and acquire signatures (if necessary) for the employee’s folder.  Review with employee’s the KU Policy Library
  4. Discuss Position Expectations and Goals:  Provide an overview to the employee of the position expectation and goals.  Establish written goals in a performance management plan and review with the employee the University Performance Management system if applicable.  Review assigned work schedule an location with the employee.
  5. Review Learning and Development Objectives:  Provide an overview of the HRM Learning Management System and other Learning & Development tools.  Note to employee that required trainings will be delivered and expected to be completed such as sexual harassment, IT security, ADA, COI, etc.
  6. Review Purchasing Procedures:  Notify all new employees of the unit’s required business process to acquire supplies, equipment, etc.  Personal reimbursement is often not allowable and should not be authorized.
  7. Employees with Supervisory Responsibility:  If you have hired an employee which will supervise, strongly encourage enrollment into the KU STEP (Supervisor Training for Excellence in Performance) courses to learn what is in a supervisor’s scope of authority in their role and how Human Resources Management can help.
  8. Promote KU:  Review KU’s mission and learn more about our leadership structure.  Arrange a free guided tour provided by the Admissions Office of the Lawrence campus or guide the new employee to the KU online virtual tour.  Help employee’s learn what it means to become a Jayhawk with our beloved traditions, services, and more.
  9. Department Orientation:  Provide your new employee a positive introduction to your worksite by competing the following:
    1. Introduce co-workers and explain what they do.  Follow up with an organizational chart of your unit.
    2. Show the individual to his/her assigned work station/office/site.
    3. Provide a tour of the facility.  Identify restrooms, break areas, vending machines or available campus café options.
    4. Review building hours and access information.
    5. Review expected dress code for the position.
    6. Identify where mail is accessed, MFD’s are located, and information of IT tech support if needed.
    7. Order business cards (if applicable)

First Week/Month

  1. KU Buddy/Mentor:  If available in your unit, identify an individual in your unit to serve as a resource point for your new employee.   
  2. University Governance:  Share with your new employee about opportunities available through various campus organizations and University Governance Groups.  Employees new to Kansas may also be interested in signing up for a KS Wheat State or Mini- Wheat State tour.
  3. KU Photo:  Positions of a certain rank may necessitate a professional photo to have on file for press-releases, etc.  Coordinate with the KU Marketing and Communications Unit on available openings for your new employee (if applicable).
  4. Complete Coordination with Unit Scheduling Officer:  Coordinate with your unit’s scheduling officer to ensure that all Instructors of Record are designated as such in PeopleSoft to allow access to course materials, etc.


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