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J Visa - Plan Year 2021 Enrollment

The State Employee Health Plan offers health insurance plans that meet the State Department requirements – Plan J. For more infore information, please review information below.

Plan J and Q Overview Video (6:10)

Please note Plan J is the only plan that meets the State Department requirements. 

Please note Plan J does not include evacuation or repatriation.  You will need to purchase a separate Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation insurance plan. Most scholars purchase this additional insurance through the BETiNS» insurance listed in KU International Programs page


Network Medical and Pharmacy* Deductible $500/$1,000 Medical coinsurance 25% Pharmacy coinsurance same as plan C 20%/40%65% Out of Pocket (OOP) Max Medical & Pharmacy $7,350/$14,700 Medical* Deductible $1,000/$2,000 Medical Coinsurance 50% Out of Pocket (OOP) Max Medical $10,000/$20,000 HSA or HRA Employer Contribution None Can EE/SP earn HQ HSA/HRA dollars? Yes - HRA only $500/$1000

  • $500 Deductible for in-network providers
  • Once the deductible is satisfied, there is a 25% coinsurance for medical services for in-network providers.
  • For prescription drugs after the deductible is satisfied, coinsurance applies of 20%/40%/65% depending on the drug.  
  • All covered expenses will apply to the out of pocket maximums. If a non-network provider is used, there are separate deductibles and out of pocket maximums that will apply and will accumulate separately from in-network provider charges.
  • Plan J is not a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), so there is no employer contribution into a Health Savings or Health Reimbursement Account.  The employee and covered spouse can each earn employer contributions, up to a maximum of $500, into a Health Reimbursement Account by participating in HealthQuest activities and earning the insurance premium incentive discount for Plan Year 2020.


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Ready to Enroll?

MAP, the Membership Administrative Portal, will open for Open Enrollment on October 1st. MAP is your portal to select and change your health, dental, vision and spending account benefits. Use the link below to access MAP to view your current elections and make changes for next year. 

Enroll Now – Access MAP

(J Visa MAP Enrollment Step-by-Step Guide)

Select your Regent University (University of Kansas) and you will be taken to your login screen.   To sign into MAP, you will use your KU online ID and password, the same credentials you use to log into your work computer. Pending election statements will be emailed to your registered email address each time an election is saved in the portal.







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