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HR/Pay Upgrade Training

Training will not be mandatory for supervisors and employees, but we will have training materials available for them. We encourage supervisors and employees to review the materials.  Training will be mandatory for most non-employee and non-supervisory roles.

In general, Training Guides are being created by the Main Dashboards/Tiles instead of each individual action type.

The upgraded system is available 9/13/21.

Manager Training/Information

Approvals Training (Powerpoint overview of the Approvals Guide)

Approvals Guide  KU Approvals Dashboard (9/3/21)

Delegate Transactions Tile (9/18/21)

My Team Tile  (9/7/21)

Team Time & Absence Tile

Employee Training/Information

Absence Management (Time and Absence Tile)

Affordable Care Act (ACA) - Salaried Students (Time and Absence Tile)

Benefits Tile contains the Benefits Summary, links to State of Kansas Membership Health Plan portal and other informational sites.

Elapsed Timesheet (Time and Absence Tile)

KU Payroll Dashboard Tile contains Paychecks (pdf), access to update Direct Deposit, W4 and W-2 information.

Personal Details Tile contains access for making Demographic, KU Directory and other employee changes etc.

Web Clock Guide (Time and Absence Tile)

Supervisor and Employee

Guide to Time and Absence Reporting


November 2021 to January 2022 Time, Absence, Payroll information due to holiday schedules


HR/Pay General 9.2 Upgrade

HR/Pay Questions and Answers

last updated 12/7/21

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