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HR/Pay Upgrade Questions & Answers (Sept 2021)

Questions & Answers regarding the September 2021 HR/Pay Upgrade

*  HR/Pay is available 9/13/21. *

A) After the upgrade >The system is not working for me once I sign in, now what?  Please clear your cache and cookies. Clear Cache and Cookies FAQ - https://kuit.service-now.com/kb?id=kb_article_view&sysparm_article=KB0010243.  If this does not work for technical issues, please reach out to the KU IT Customer Service Center for assistance. 785-864-8080, itcsc@ku.edu.

B) After the upgrade > My bookmarks I had set in my browser do not work, help! As we have moved to tiles instead of navigation pages and from classic to fluid style pages it is likely they will no longer work. You will need to reestablish if still needed.

1) What is the login or website for the upgraded system? It will be the same - hr.ku.edu.

2) When is the system going to be down? 5:00 p.m. Thursday, September 9, 2021, and is to be opened Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

3) What are we to do about time and absence reporting during the down time? Clock reporters will need to track their start and stop times and provide to their supervisor or designee. Either the supervisor or time reviewer will enter the data once the system is available. As the down time is in the middle of the payroll period, elapsed time reporters may enter reported time and all employees may enter absences when the system is available.

4) Are there browser requirements? Chrome  69.x or newer; Firefox 60.x or newer; Edge 79.x or newer; Safari 12.x or newer. KU IT supported machines should be already in compliance.

5) What is the largest impact to the user? User friendly, intuitive pages. Menus and multiple layers of navigation are gone. Tiles with direct access to pages or collection of pages will be available. More employee and manager pages will work on small devices.

6) What is the best improvement outside of the user experience? From an HR/Pay team perspective, in addition to being on a current version with better user experience, the best immediate improvement is an absence that was submitted and approved in 9.2 can be cancelled by the supervisor or employee without emailing the HR/Pay team. Cancellations will need supervisor approvals.

7) Will our favorites still be available? The navigation structure was replaced with tiles so there will not be favorites in 9.2.

8) Will the absence in submitted status for future dates still be there in the new version? We have never encouraged the submission of future absences in HR/Pay. As the workflow method is changing with the upgrade, all absences submitted must be approved, denied, or pushed back. They cannot be in submitted status during the upgrade.

9) What will happen if the absence is pushed back or denied in the current version; can this be resubmitted in the new version? Yes, the absence can be edited and resubmitted in the new version.

10) What if I need employee data such as salary, title etc., for a proposal while the HR/Pay system is down? OAC will still be available as well as Streamlyne. See systems impacted by the upgrade for more information.

11) Will my delegations be brought over to the new version? The delegation method is changing. Proxies will need to accept the 9.2 delegation once the system is back up. Proxies will receive an email as the HR/Pay Team recreates the delegation on behalf of the delegator as part of the upgrade process. The proxy cannot accept until the system is up even though they will get emails as the recreation is happening.  Only active delegations will be recreated (active transactions with both the delegator and proxy active).

12) What type of training is required? This user interface is intuitive thus reducing the cost of and need for extensive end user system training. Training guides have been created as well as a summary document regarding key business processing of time and absence. Time Reviewers, Budget Managers, and Shared Service Center personnel were provided training for the HRM Partner tile. Open help times will be published for supervisors for the first approval period (including the weekend). Upgrade Page, Training Page


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