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HR/Pay Upgrade (9.2)

The Human Resource and Payroll System is undergoing an upgrade from version 9.1 to version 9.2 in mid-September. This will enable KU to take advantage of an updated and more modern user interface (shown below). After the upgrade, employees, supervisors, and other system users will utilize tiles to navigate and find information, rather than current menu navigation. Many of the self-service pages will use a new formatting style called Fluid, which will resize pages to match the device the employee is using. Fluid is used mainly on the Time and Absence modules. Not all pages will be available if using a small device, such as a smartphone.

The HR/Pay System is now available 9/13/21. The HR/Pay system will be unavailable beginning Thursday, Sept. 9 at 5:00 p.m. with the expectation that HR/Pay will be back up on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Time Reporting when HR/Pay is Unavailable. (IMPORTANT for Clock Time Reporters and their Supervisors)

All time clock reporters will need to manually track their daily in and out clock times and provide this data to their supervisor or to whomever their supervisor designates. The supervisor and/or time reviewer will need to key the employee's clock times into HR/Pay once the 9.2 system is available.

Getting Ready - Before the Upgrade

Time: Supervisors and staff who assist with time reporting should work to resolve all pending time in 9.1. We strongly advise supervisors, Shared Service Center representatives and time reviewers to review and clean up all exceptions and unapproved time as soon as possible. Until all 9.1 time is addressed across campus, we will need to have two Time Approval tiles in the upgraded system.

Absences:  Supervisors should address all absences submitted in 9.1 by either approving, pushing back or denying prior to Sept. 9.

  • Employees should not submit any additional future absence requests in HR/Pay until the upgraded 9.2 database is available. If an absence is submitted the absence must be approved, pushed back or denied prior to 9/9/21 5:00 p.m.
  • The current absence approval process will no longer exist in 9.2 as the Fluid page does not use the same approval workflow. Submitted absences cannot be converted. The HR/Pay team will need to individually address any pending absences during the upgrade process, which may extend the down time.


Training will be provided in various formats. Information will be announced and posted on the HR/Pay Upgrade Training Page.

Administrative System Impacts (9/1/2021)

After the Upgrade - Key Highlights

Delegation: Due to the change to Fluid in 9.2, the delegation proxy will need to accept the delegation again to be activated. The current delegation cannot be upgraded. The HR/Pay team will reestablish the current active 9.1 delegation in 9.2, which will require the proxy to accept the new delegation in 9.2.

  • Both the delegator (supervisor) and the proxy will be able to approve delegated items after the upgrade.
  • Temporary Issue:  If the proxy reports to the delegator, the proxy's absence will self-approve. Supervisors may wish to revoke delegation for Absence Approvals. The vendor is delivering a correction to this issue in a future enhancement. It will be up to the proxy to communicate any absence request to their supervisor before it is submitted.

Absence Request:  The requestor may cancel approved absences without contacting the HR/Pay team. The supervisor will need to approve any cancellation submitted by an employee.

Time Approvals: There will be two Time Approval tiles until all existing 9.1 time has been addressed across campus. We strongly advise supervisors, Shared Service Center representatives and time reviewers to review and clean up all exceptions and unapproved time as soon as possible.

A supervisor's view of the new Homepage. 

Time and Absence Tile  (Employee) - Webclock

(Click on the 3 dots to change the Button type (In, Out, Temp Out) or access other Time Reporting Codes using View Full Site.)

Time and Absence Tile (Employee) - Report Time (works with any device) and is one day reporting. Enter Time is for large screen devices and users can report a week at a time.

Time and Absence Tile (Employee) - Absence Options

DDDC cc to HRIS Announcement

Campus Announcement

Campus Admin Users Training notice 

Signon Page Notification

AdminTime Roles 9/8/21

Webclock Employees and Supervisor 9/8/21

TCD Decommision

Open Announcement (sent to all with position numbers)

HR/Pay Upgrade Training

HR/Pay Questions and Answers


last updated 10/25/21

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