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Hiring Process Life Cycle Summary

The summary below outlines the basic steps a unit working with the Shared Service Center (SSC) can expect during the Hiring Process.  Additional information and/or communication may vary depending upon the use of SSC Services which are selected, and how much information your representative has on file regarding your unit’s advertising history and funding resources.

  1. Work with your SSC representativeto facilitate any position description updates and posting of requisitions. Job posting requests can either be launched by using one of the BrassRing static links (log in required) or e-mailing your representative directly.
  2. At the time of interview, the search committee chair (or designate) will rank the candidates interviewed on screening forms which are provided to them at the time the job has been posted by their SSC contact. This form will need to be submitted to the SSC after interview completion in order to dispense candidates and facilitate the offer letter process. The SSC will handle all system updates and work with your department to ensure that all job offer components are captured to present an official university on-line offer letter to the selected candidate.
  3. At the time the offer is presented, the candidate will be provided a Background Check Authorization Form or Personal Information Form for completion. All departments will be notified of a new hire’s acceptance of the on-line offer giving them the opportunity to reach out to new employees with specific orientation or training items.
  4. Upon acceptance, an electronic notification will alert the new employee on how to establish his/her online access and the SSC representative will be communicating with the new employee regarding next steps for onboarding, etc.  

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