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Guide for Completing Your Onboarding Online

We hope that your electronic onboarding experience is convenient, seamless, and positive.  The resources below are available to help with activities during hours our staff are not available.

  1. Mobile versus Desktop

    • The system is configured to allow you to onboard on your desktop, tablet, or handheld device.  If this is your first appointment at the University, there will be a number of required activities to complete.  As a result, we would recommend selecting the format you are most comfortable with.  You will be able to save after the completion of an activity in the event you need to leave the process at any time prior to completion.
  2. Log-on Support

    • User Name – Remember that the user name you develop is case sensitive.
    • Forgot your Password – In the event that you do not remember the password you have created, please select the Forgotten Password link.  You will be asked to answer your previously established security questions at the time you established your onboarding credentials.
    • Forgot your Security Questions – If you are unable to remember your security questions, please contact hrappt@ku.edu for assistance to reset this activity.
    • Credentialing Emails – Upon electronic acceptance of your job offer, you will receive an email (to the address as specified in your applicant profile) providing information about the onboarding process.  You will receive a direct web link to begin the log on process.  This web link does expire after 24 hours.  Notification of an expired link will lead to system prompts to create a new link that is directed to your email to log on.
    • Logging On-Without Activities (Student Only) – Student hourly employees that are working for KU prior to July 21, 2016 will receive a welcome email with log-on and credentialing instructions if he/she/they accepts a new position on campus without a break in service in employment of less than six months.  After log-in it will indicate that there are no activities for the employee to complete.  This statement is correct and the student may just log out of the system.  Please note that this type of activity is a one-time occurrence due to the system upgrade and will not be repeated on subsequent hires under the same circumstances.
  3. Accommodation Request for Onboarding Assistance

    • Individuals needing assistance in completing onboarding tasks online, are encouraged to contact us directly at 785-864-4946 or hrdept@ku.edu so specific accommodations can be made.
  4. Presentation of Tasks and Documents

    • Required Fields – All Required Fields will be denoted in red font with an asterisk (*).  If you are not able to complete or save an activity, it is likely that a required field is blank or has not been completed appropriately.  A notification message of the error will present at the top of the screen to help guide you for quicker resolution.  The required field must be completed accurately to save and move forward to the next activity.
    • Electronic Signature - Several of the documents within the onboarding activity will need to be authenticated with your digital signature.  In order to have this information, you will be asked to create a digital signature with us or upload a pdf that meets the size requirements.  You are able to view and edit your signature throughout the process.  However each time you register a revised signature with us, you will be asked to log back into our system to authenticate that the signature provided is unique to you and your confidential log on credentials.
    • Double Scroll Bar Feature - Viewing some of the activities and documents within the onboarding system takes the use of dual scroll bar technology.  As a result, you may need to use an internal scroll bar to view a document and the external scroll bar to accept any terms/conditions and move forward to complete the activity assigned.
    • Viewing Documents in Onboarding – If there is an official document attached to an activity you will see a PDF icon or link in the upper right hand or lower left hand corner of your screen.  This document may have a few pieces (name and employee identification number) of information identified on them, but it will not be a completed form.  This first document is to review what information you are agreeing and signing to.  Once you have moved forward in completing the required fields and have agreed to electronically sign the document, the PDF will populate with all of the relevant fields as a completed document.
  5. Information Regarding Tax Documents

  6. How to Change Documents After Saving or Completing Onboarding

    • If you have changes to make immediately after completion of the online activity or prior to your in-person onboarding system, please contact hrappt@ku.edu for assistance.
    • If you have changes to make to your personal data information after you have received your final e-mail confirmation that your appointment is now active in our HR/Pay system; we would recommend that you log-into employee self-service within HR/Pay to make these updates. 
    • Changes to any beneficiary information for life insurance or retirement benefits should be directed to benefits@ku.edu.
    • Changes or disclosures of Conflict of Interest may be directed to research@ku.edu.
  7. Contact Us

    • For direct assistance, we encourage you to email hrappt@ku.edu or contact 785-864-5994.

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