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Employee of the Month Nomination Form

The deadline for submitting nomination forms to Human Resources is the first day of September, December, March or June. If the 1st falls on a weekend the deadline will be the following Monday. Nominations are then reviewed and voted upon the following month by the Recognition Committee. In the event the nominated employee is not selected as a winner for next quarter the nomination remains active for a second review round. The nomination form is the primary source of information for review purposes. For this reason specifics about the nominee’s contributions and accomplishments are vital to the process. In addition, a representative of the committee will contact the supervisor or manager of the unit for supplemental information. Other documentation and/or letters of support may be submitted with the nomination by sending them to hrdept@ku.edu.

To be eligible a nominee must have a half-time or greater appointment in a regular, ongoing position at the time of nomination with one (1) year of service at KU or a recognized Affiliate. Assistance in completion of the nomination form may be received by contacting HR at 864-4946.

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