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Resources for Employees Separating from KU

HRM provides support to employees who have separated employment from the University.  We are available to assist you with the following:

Guide for Surviving a Notice of Non-Reappointment

Guide for Surviving a Layoff

  • Identifying and applying for open positions All University jobs are posted at employment.ku.edu. If interested in a new KU job opening, please itilize the Job Search Resources while applying for a new position.  In the event that you're looking for a position prior to separation of your existing appointment please note the following guideance:
    • On-campus interviews: University policy supports providing a reasonable amount of release time (work time) to you when interviewing for on-campus positions. You should work with your manager to determine if time off can be granted. It is recommended that you request time at the beginning or end of your shifts to minimize time away from the work site.
    • Off-campus interviews: You are expected to use your leave time and should request time off with established policies when attending an off campus interview. However, if you are laid off due to budgetary reasons or restructuring, departments are encouraged to provide you with a reasonable amount of release time in the same manner as for on-campus interviews. You should work with your manager to determine if time off can be granted.
  • Providing employment and salary verifications: The University of Kansas uses "The Work Number" (TALX Corporation) to provide automated employment and income verifications for our employees.  "The Work Number" provides you with the ability to quickly provide proof of your employment or income.  You benefit from having control of the process, since you authorize access.  View Instructions on how to use "The Work Number".
  • Reviewing your benefits: For more information about the impact to employment benefits, please visit https://humanresources.ku.edu/benefits/leaving. For questions and for retirement eligibility, please contact the Benefits Office in the Department of Human Resource Management at 785-864-7402 or benefits@ku.edu.View overview of benefits.
  • Review your electronic paycheck/leave:  An employee will continue to have access to HR/Pay after he/she leaves the employment of the University.  HR/Pay is available through the "myKU" portal and the HRPay website.
    • If you leave the University, you will receive a payout of your unused vacation leave balance (subject to the maximum accrual limits).  You will be paid for these hours in addition to your regular pay, in a separate direct deposit transaction.
    • View Maximum accrual rates.
    • If you leave the University and you are not eligible for retirement, your sick leave hours will be forfeited.  Those forfeited hours can be reinstated if you return to a State of Kansas regular position within one year.
    • Employees leaving University service or transferring to another State agency with unused compensatory time (including holiday compensatory time) will be paid this balance in addition to regular pay.
  • Applying for unemployment: In the event a new position is not secured upon lay-off or non- reappointment, you may be eligible for weekly unemployment insurance. To avoid any delay of benefit payments, it is important to file a claim as soon as possible following the last day worked at Get Kansas Benefits ».  For questions or concerns regarding qualification factors and online claim submittals, please visit Get Kansas Benefits ».
    • A retirement eligible employee that is considering applying for unemployment benefits is strongly encouraged to contact the Unemployment Call Center (at https://www.getkansasbenefits.gov/Home.aspx# or by calling 1-800-292-6333) to ask whether he/she should retire or terminate his/her employment relationship.  Retirement may affect eligibility for unemployment benefits.
  • Coping with stress:  Visit Managing the Stress of Layoff and Unemployment for helpful tips.
  • Access the Employment Assistance Program (EAP): An employee having a difficult time due to receiving a notice of non-reappointment, may consider contacting one or more of the following resources:
    • Kathleen Ames-Stratton, Manager of Learning and Development, Human Resource Management, at 785-864-4946 or hrdept@ku.edu.
    • COMPSYCH, a voluntary, confidential FREE service that provides employees and their immediate family members professional counseling and referral services by calling 1-888-275-1205, selecting Option 7, or online at www.guidanceresources.com (Organization Web ID is SOKEAP); or
    • Your health plan for information on other available services and coverage.

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