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Advertising job openings allows KU departments to attract the most qualified talent from local, regional, and national markets. When deciding how and where to advertise open positions, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Create an advertising and outreach plan to ensure that a diverse, qualified applicant pool is the candidate pool will be available and meets your unit goals.
  • Unclassified and academic staff positions should appear in at least one print or online ad unless the department identifies more appropriate recruiting resources.
  • Faculty positions must appear in at least one print or online journal publication with a national distribution.  Please work with your HRM Representative about available options or to learn about joint faculty advertisements for cost savings.
  • Units are encouraged to use advertising resources that target their specific discipline area and diversity outlets outside of the standard advertising publications supported by the University.
  • The University posts all faculty and staff job openings to the following locations without additional cost to the hiring unit:

Advertising for Regional and National Searches

When a regional or national search is required for your posting, multiple locations and options are available depending upon outreach needs and available budgetary resources.  Although a 30-day print or online ad in a national journal is recommended, (online journals must be approved in advance to ensure it can serve as a solid document for visa application purposes).

HRM has compiled a list of resources for Local, Regional, and National advertising in both PDF and Excel formats. If you have any questions about the posting process, please contact your SSC contact or HR senior recruitment coordinator at employ@ku.edu or by phone at 785-864-4946.

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