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2020 Employee Recognition Ceremony

2020 Honorees

Name Department Name Confirmed Years
Horton, Lindsay Michelle Acad Achieve & Access Ctr-AAAC 5
Eden, Erika Terese Academic/Professional Programs 5
Keating, Nancy K Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Muenks, Michael Joseph Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Yadav, Rohit Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Hutton, Brandon Louis Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Leite, Gabriele Schmidgall Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Musser, Virginia Marie Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Peterson, Melissa Melanie Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Flinders, Jennifer Lynn Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Patterson, Eric D Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Sidener, Mark Ryan Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Harms, Randi Jay Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Cope, Dale La Verne Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Beitling, Brianna Kay Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Naughtin, Hugh Edmond Wilhelm Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Dykes, Robert Owen Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Kenney, Joseph Clifford Lemus Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Skaggs, Sean Patrick Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Moore, Charlie Kassandra Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Nandibatla, Chaitanya Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Turner, Charles W Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Consolver, Alexandra Morgan Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Bond, Candace Dyan Achievement & Assessment Inst 10
Waller, Tonya Aisha Achievement & Assessment Inst 15
Anderson, Patrice L Achievement & Assessment Inst 15
Herman, Ruth E Achievement & Assessment Inst 15
Chuong, Hong A Achievement & Assessment Inst 20
Henderson-Rowe, Lisa Diane Achievement & Assessment Inst 20
Heasty, Gretchen Anne Achievement & Assessment Inst 20
Slappy, Zsashamica Demetrius Achievement & Assessment Inst 20
Dukstein, Rebecca Diane Achievement & Assessment Inst 25
Morris, Pamela J. Achievement & Assessment Inst 25
Arnold, Emily Julianna Aerospace Engineering 5
Wu, Huixuan Aerospace Engineering 5
Barrett, Ronald Martin Aerospace Engineering 15
Borton, Amy Renae Aerospace Engineering 15
Accilien, Cecile African/African Amer Studies 5
Ojiambo, Peter C Otiato African/African Amer Studies 10
Ukpokodu, Peter African/African Amer Studies 30
Snyder, Jaime Marie Air Force ROTC 5
Biele, Heather A. Alumni Association 5
Shepley, Benjamin J. Alumni Association 5
Hoover, Danielle R. Alumni Association 5
Woods, Daniel C. Alumni Association 5
Thornberry, Tegan J Alumni Association 15
Wick, J Michael Alumni Association 20
Johnston, David Dowell Alumni Association 20
Hill, Steven W. Alumni Association 20
Younger, Susan R. Alumni Association 25
Lazzarino, Chris C. Alumni Association 25
Shackelford, Stefanie M. Alumni Association 30
Kim, Joo Ok American Studies 5
Perreira, Christopher Michael American Studies 5
Lowrance Floyd, Emily E Analytics & Inst Research 5
Tadimeti, Venkata Datta Prasanna Analytics & Inst Research 5
Denning, Sarah Amanda Analytics & Inst Research 5
Rodecap, Allison Suzanne Animal Care Unit 15
Raff, Jennifer Anne Anthropology 5
Sellet, Frederic Anthropology 10
Dean, Bartholomew C. Anthropology 25
Mosconi, Matthew W Applied Behavioral Science 5
Herschell, Erin Lynn Applied Behavioral Science 5
DiGennaro Reed, Florence Donna Applied Behavioral Science 10
Reed, Derek D Applied Behavioral Science 10
Boydston, Julianne Marie Applied Behavioral Science 15
Steele Jr, Ric G Applied Behavioral Science 20
Morris, Edward K. Applied Behavioral Science 45
Alegre, Rebecca Lynne Applied English Center 10
Heacock, Carolyn Sue Fairbu Applied English Center 25
Perkins McGuinness, Mary E. Applied English Center 30
VanDeRiet, Keith J Architecture Design 5
Juneau, Whitney Nicole Architecture Design 5
Lukehart, Janet Ann Architecture Design 15
Rashid, Mahbub Architecture Design 15
Patterson, Anne Margaret Architecture Design 25
Weaver, Joan C. Architecture Design 35
Seba, Barbara Ann Architecture Design 35
Rockhill, Danny Architecture Design 40
Pastrano, Teodoro Army ROTC 5
Woodhead, Andrew S. Athletics Corporation 5
Downey, Gabriel G. Athletics Corporation 5
Dercher, Robert L. Athletics Corporation 5
Moore, Cornelius J. Athletics Corporation 5
Wilson, Benjamin M. Athletics Corporation 5
Hahn, Scott M. Athletics Corporation 10
Masterson III, Frank F. Athletics Corporation 10
Leland, Jeda D. Athletics Corporation 10
Weber, Ann E. Athletics Corporation 10
Bechard, Brennan B. Athletics Corporation 10
Busboom, Craig Athletics Corporation 15
Hare, Lawrence R. Athletics Corporation 15
Kokhanovsky, Andrew Athletics Corporation 15
Miller, Kelly P. Athletics Corporation 20
Redwine, Stanley W. Athletics Corporation 20
Donley, Milan T. Athletics Corporation 20
Jarzemkoski, Catherine L. Athletics Corporation 20
Brewer, Elisha N. Athletics Corporation 20
Bieker, Bradley J. Athletics Corporation 20
Shepperd III, Larry D. Athletics Corporation 15
Dye, Kristina Athletics Corporation 15
Nachtigal, Bradley G. Athletics Corporation 20
Miller, Kimberly J. Athletics Corporation 20
Jacobsen, Jeffrey L. Athletics Corporation 20
Ramirez, Jason M. Athletics Corporation 25
Williams, Todd Athletics Corporation 50
Kesinger, Lori Rothengass Audio Reader Program 30
Montgomery, Lori Elizabeth Aviation Services 25
Miller, Theresa Marie Biodiversity Institute 10
Houts, Jeannie Marie Biodiversity Institute 15
Keeler, Jaime Rochelle Biodiversity Institute 15
Ornay, Gregory S Biodiversity Institute 15
Beach, James H. Biodiversity Institute 25
Martinez-Rivera, Noraida Biomedical Services Labs 5
Haslam, John Lee Biopharm Innov & Optim Center 30
Kenn, Kevin Patrick Budget Office 15
Hicks, Tyler Aaron Bureau of Child Research 5
Lickvar Armstrong, Chavis A Bureau of Child Research 5
Bezdek, Jamie Michelle Bureau of Child Research 5
Schnitz, Alana Griffin Bureau of Child Research 5
Jones, Stuart Daniel Bureau of Child Research 5
Miltenberger, Laura Kay Bureau of Child Research 5
Nordhus, Angela Lee Bureau of Child Research 5
Feldmiller, Sarah Anne Bureau of Child Research 10
Franklin, Tyra M Bureau of Child Research 10
Bredin-Oja, Shelley Laine Bureau of Child Research 15
Rosdahl, Andrew Joseph Bureau of Child Research 15
Bradburn, Karen S Bureau of Child Research 15
Doyle-Colvin, Laura Marie Bureau of Child Research 15
Black-Magnussen, Jessica Lyn Bureau of Child Research 20
Moody, Debra Lee Bureau of Child Research 20
Hill, Sandra Gay Bureau of Child Research 20
Love, Lisa Kay Bureau of Child Research 25
Moore, Patricia Ann Bureau of Child Research 25
Bruns, Kimberly S. Bureau of Child Research 25
Simmons, Sheila J. Bureau of Child Research 30
Gaines, Jon W. Bureau of Child Research 35
Knoll, Michelle A. Bureau of Child Research 35
Bendetti, Donald Steven Business 5
Salmans, Brian Ross Business 5
Claterbos, Christopher Business 5
Helling, Kristen Schutte Business 5
Bolukbasi Arikan, Burcu Business 5
Barrett, Laura Obrycki Business 5
Mitchell, Scott Eugene Business 5
Shanmugam, Ravi Kumar Business 5
Chen, Wei Business 5
Tseng, Chun Kai Business 5
Johnson Jr, Steven Darnell Business 5
Leonard, Steven Matthew Business 5
Kim, Midam Business 5
Crabb, Kelvie Ann Business 10
Chadwick, Clinton D Business 10
Meschke, Jan Felix Business 10
Bronson, Scott N Business 10
Steutermann, Cynthia Ann Business 15
Meyer Jr, Wallace W Business 15
Zhao, Zheng Jane Business 15
Anderson, Christopher William Business 20
Phillips, Alee Starr Business 20
Ottinger, Lisa L Business 20
Birch, Melissa H. Business 25
Claterbos, Mary J Business 25
Harrison, Jennifer Tressa Kimball Business 25
Lonnberg, Ashley Renae Business & Financial Planning 15
Glick, Kristina D Business & Financial Planning 20
Cunningham, Lauren Elizabeth Business Administration 5
Schmidt, Amy Nicole Business Administration 5
Karr, Elizabeth Reilly Business Administration 5
Anderson, Caryn Patricia Business Administration 10
Edmonds, Charlotte Ayliene Business Administration 15
O'Connor, Jason P Business Administration 20
Phillips, Jolene Marie Business Administration 20
Steinle, Deann Gerdes Business Administration 25
Yochim, Jordan Eli Business Administration 25
Childs, Janette Suzanne Carruth SSC 5
Sommer, Erin Rene Carruth SSC 5
Milford, Jody Elizabeth Carruth SSC 15
Keidel, Sabrina L Carruth SSC 20
Sledd, Mary Sue Carruth SSC 20
Smith, Sabine B. Carruth SSC 30
Obenhaus, Steven Lee Center for STEM Learning 10
Kuhn, Cassidy Brooke Center for Sustainability 5
Rhodes, Melissa Simpson Chancellor's Office 5
He, Nan Chemical & Petroleum Engr 5
Li, Xiaoli Chemical & Petroleum Engr 5
Kehr, Martha Helen Chemical & Petroleum Engr 5
Bravo Suarez, Juan Jose Chemical & Petroleum Engr 10
Dhar, Prajnaparamita Chemical & Petroleum Engr 10
Weatherley, Laurence Russell Chemical & Petroleum Engr 15
Subramaniam, Bala Chemical & Petroleum Engr 35
Go, Eden Parreno Chemistry 15
Rubina, Marina Yurievna Chemistry 15
Johnson, Michael Alfred Chemistry 15
Rubin, Michael Chemistry 15
Knight, Elaine Verna Chemistry 15
Dunn, Robert C. Chemistry 25
Johnson, Carey K. Chemistry 35
Bowman-James, Kristin Chemistry 45
Collins, William Norfleet Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering 5
Roundy, Joshua K Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering 5
Sutley, Elaina Jennings Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering 5
Panethiere, Michael Anthony Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering 5
Cai, Hongyi Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering 10
Young, Christopher Bryan Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering 20
Jendza, Craig Timothy Classics 5
Scioli, Emma J Classics 15
Mann, Shelly Dawn College of Liberal Arts & Sci 5
Gullickson, Emily Burton Varn College of Liberal Arts & Sci 5
VanGoethem, Diana Kay College of Liberal Arts & Sci 5
Kreienhop, Cari Ann College of Liberal Arts & Sci 5
Reiz, Nicole P College of Liberal Arts & Sci 5
Clark, Jordan Taylor College of Liberal Arts & Sci 5
Butler, Corinne E College of Liberal Arts & Sci 10
Reynolds, Mark B College of Liberal Arts & Sci 15
Atwood, Lanis E College of Liberal Arts & Sci 15
Goldstein, Robert Howell College of Liberal Arts & Sci 35
Colombo, John A. College of Liberal Arts & Sci 35
LeRow, Pamela D. College of Liberal Arts & Sci 40
Donaldson, Hannah Oluwakemi Communication Studies 5
McDonald, Robert O Communication Studies 5
Muddiman, Ashley R Communication Studies 5
Pastorek, Angela Erin Communication Studies 5
Schimek, Samuel W Communication Studies 20
Innocenti, Beth Marie Communication Studies 20
Copeland, Matthew M Computational Biology 10
Vakser, Ilya Computational Biology 15
Muzyk, Niles Patrick Counseling/Psych Svcs 5
Bush, Sandra Lee Counseling/Psych Svcs 5
Atchison, Edwin Val Ctr Enviro Benefical Catalysis 30
Doeden, Kellen Terel Ctr for Online & Distance Lrn 5
Hock, Michael Frank Ctr for Research on Learning 30
Ault, Marilyn M. Ctr for Research on Learning 35
Lagotte, Brian W Ctr Global & Internatl Studies 10
James, Rachel McCarthy Ctr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets 5
Paden, John Drysdale Ctr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets 10
McManus, Jane M Curriculum & Teaching 5
Cleavinger, Laurie A Curriculum & Teaching 10
Herrmann-Ginsberg, Lauri L Curriculum & Teaching 15
Jorgensen, Karen Ann Curriculum & Teaching 15
Taylor, Stephanie Darya Custodial Services 5
Festag, Sean C Custodial Services 5
Garcia Garcia, Luis A Custodial Services 5
Thomas, Tanya Jean Custodial Services 5
Cordoba de Leon, Eduviges Custodial Services 5
Mills, Christopher Andrew Custodial Services 5
Blair, Gregory L Custodial Services 5
Paul, Brenda L Custodial Services 5
Jorge, Isidora Custodial Services 10
Munger, Justin Lloyd Custodial Services 10
Lemons, Robert Eugene Custodial Services 10
Munger, Laura Lee Custodial Services 10
Girty, Stephen Leon Custodial Services 15
Geddings, Carla Nadine Custodial Services 15
Lin, Christopher Custodial Services 15
Sierra, Leticia Kay Custodial Services 15
Cribbs, Alicia Joann Custodial Services 15
Cain, Cindy Lynn Custodial Services 20
Harris, Tina Gale Custodial Services 20
Paul, Craig R. Custodial Services 20
Martinez, Mary Ellen Custodial Services 20
Romero, Rueben D. Custodial Services 35
Frawley, Gabrielle K Department of German Studies 5
Kourehpazhassanalizadeh, Schirin Department of German Studies 5
Wille, Stephanie Department of German Studies 5
Cook, Matthew T Design 5
Eckersley, Michael Dean Design 15
Talleur, Linda Samson Design 20
Schleuder, Marla Danette Dole Institute of Politics 5
Bergene, Julie A Dole Institute of Politics 5
Coleman, Audrey DeEtte McKanna Dole Institute of Politics 15
Ballard, Barbara W. Dole Institute of Politics 40
Wrigley, Barbara J. Douglas County Legal Aid Socie 35
Lhunpo, Champa Tenzin East Asian Languages&Cultures 15
Williams, Crispin Lawrence East Asian Languages&Cultures 15
Gerbert, Elaine Tashiro East Asian Languages&Cultures 30
Lockamy, Kayly Michelle Eaton Hall SSC 5
Goedeke, Brett Lee Eaton Hall SSC 5
Leavy, Cassidy Jane Eaton Hall SSC 5
Smith, Melissa Rose Eaton Hall SSC 10
Redelings, Benjamin David Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 5
Sheppard, Lawrence William Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 5
Hileman, Lena Catherine Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 15
Soberon, Jorge Mainero Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 15
Brown, Rafe Marion Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 15
Cartwright, Paulyn Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 20
Engel, Michael S Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 20
Krishtalka, Leonard Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 25
Okao, Alfred Economics 5
Slusky, David Jason Gershkoff Economics 5
Tsvetanov, Tsvetan Georgiev Economics 5
Parker, Eugene Theodore Ed Leadership & Policy Studies 5
Twombly, Susan B. Ed Leadership & Policy Studies 35
Robinson, Melissa Renee Education Administration 15
Ginsberg, Richard J Education Administration 15
Edmonds, Tiffany Renee Education Administration 20
Wolf-Wendel, Lisa Ellen Education Administration 25
Gentry, Connie S Education Administration 25
Cole, Brian P Educational Psychology 5
Orosco, Michael John Educational Psychology 5
Kerr, Barbara Alane Educational Psychology 15
Peyton, Vicki Educational Psychology 20
Poggio, John C. Educational Psychology 50
Chandler, Misty Janea Edwards Campus 5
Keleher, Jennifer A Edwards Campus 5
Gonzalez Colin, Ricardo Edwards Campus 5
Reames, Michelle Elizabeth Edwards Campus 5
Wolfe, Benjamin Alan Edwards Campus 5
Appelwick, Jaime L Edwards Campus 5
Bujnak, Mary Josephine Edwards Campus 5
Woolley, Theresa Ann Edwards Campus 10
Trujillo, Jose F Edwards Campus 15
Day, Stuart Alexander Edwards Campus 15
Williams, Renee Christine Edwards Campus 25
Aly, Esam Eldin Mohamed Electrical Engr & Comp Science 5
Blunt, Shannon David Electrical Engr & Comp Science 15
Perrins, Erik Samuel Electrical Engr & Comp Science 15
Saiedian, Hossein Electrical Engr & Comp Science 20
Colwell Jr, Thomas G Electrical Engr & Comp Science 20
Petr, David W. Electrical Engr & Comp Science 30
Grzymala-Busse, Jerzy W. Electrical Engr & Comp Science 40
Howard, Dustin C Engineering Administration 10
Wiles, Christopher Bailey Engineering Administration 10
McCarthy, Brian Patrick Engineering and Project Mgmt 5
Mellenbruch, Jennifer Lynn Engineering and Project Mgmt 35
Ngoh, Sarah Elizabeth English 5
Drake, Phillip H Porter English 5
Reiff, Mary Jo English 10
Canady, Darren Michael English 10
McKitterick, David C. English 20
Ellis, Iain James Whyte English 20
Johnson, Stephen E. English 20
Harrington, John J. English 25
Devitt, Amy J. English 35
Wedge, Philip C. English 35
Cushing, Amanda Nicole Enrollment Mgmt Services 5
Ortiz, Susan Elizabeth Enterprise Project Mgmt Office 5
Aveyard-Elo, Amanda Jeanne Enterprise Project Mgmt Office 10
Cattoor, Larry G Environment Health & Safety 15
Schultz, Peggy Ann Environmental Studies Program 5
Boynton, Alex John Environmental Studies Program 5
Hagen, Robert H. Environmental Studies Program 25
Laubhan, Larry W Facilities Planning & Dvlpmnt 5
Gagliano, Laura D Facilities Planning & Dvlpmnt 10
Shaw, Tanya Lee Facilities Planning & Dvlpmnt 25
Miner, Joshua David Film and Media Studies 5
Lacy, Madison D Film and Media Studies 15
Willmott, Kevin Lamar Film and Media Studies 20
Brouhard, Adrianne Elizabeth Financial Aid & Scholarships 10
Preston, David J Financial Aid & Scholarships 20
Hunter, Jeffrey Scott Financial Analysis & Reporting 5
Hamner, Judy Kay Financial Analysis & Reporting 5
Fisher, Stephanie Lynne Financial Analysis & Reporting 5
Lawrence, Matthew Adam Financial Analysis & Reporting 5
Huettenmueller, Ronnie L. Financial Analysis & Reporting 25
Botbyl, Brandon J Financial Services 10
Mayne, Terry L Financial Services 15
Coffin, Abigail Denise First Year Experience 15
Ziethen, Antje French, Francophone & Italian 5
Swanson, Kimberly Anne Bankart French, Francophone & Italian 15
Kelly, Mary Byrd French, Francophone & Italian 25
Weeks, David LeRoy FS Maintenance Services 5
Ross, Trevor Eugene FS Maintenance Services 5
Allen, Jefferson W FS Maintenance Services 5
Jones, Matthew P FS Maintenance Services 5
McNeil, Keith Jameson Wyatt FS Maintenance Services 5
Posey, Taylor Bernard FS Maintenance Services 5
Arnold, Anthony Keith FS Maintenance Services 10
Thomas, Ryan Anthony FS Maintenance Services 15
Morlan, Stephen Wayne FS Maintenance Services 15
Brockway, Steven S FS Maintenance Services 15
Galbraith, Clayton Miles FS Maintenance Services 15
Hathaway, Adam Wayne FS Maintenance Services 15
Shaw, Christopher Nathan FS Maintenance Services 15
Morey, Adam G FS Maintenance Services 15
Jones, Patricia R FS Maintenance Services 20
Cook, Richard Kent FS Maintenance Services 20
Hadl, Kevin Vernon FS Maintenance Services 20
Wilks, Michael Leroy FS Maintenance Services 20
Goulden, Andrew Lee FS Maintenance Services 20
Wright, Michael Douglas FS Maintenance Services 25
Higgins, Tim E. FS Maintenance Services 35
Rawlings, Larry D. FS Maintenance Services 40
Taylor, Marie A General Counsel 5
Chikanda, Abel Geography & Atmo Science 5
Lei, Ting Geography & Atmo Science 5
Smith, Allyson Kaye Geography & Atmo Science 5
Cheong, So-Min Geography & Atmo Science 15
Zhang, Chi Geology 5
Andrew, Joseph Emery Geology 10
Taylor, Michael Halford Geology 15
Walker, James D. Geology 35
Walton, Anthony W. Geology 45
Roberts Graham, Amber Patricia Graduate Studies 5
Hodgson, Andrew D Hall Center for the Humanities 5
Porsch, Kathy Eileen Hall Center for the Humanities 30
Taylor, Jordan M Health Sport &Exercise Science 5
Emerson, Dawn Marie Health Sport &Exercise Science 5
Gordon, Brian Scott Health Sport &Exercise Science 5
Vancil, Gary S Health Sport &Exercise Science 5
Bass, Robin Renee Health Sport &Exercise Science 5
Aldrich, Teresa Jo Health Sport &Exercise Science 25
Cloud, Kristen Marie Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Park, Hyewon Higuchi Biosciences Center 10
Perera, Koralagamage Chamani T Higuchi Biosciences Center 10
Maxwell, Juliann Marie Higuchi Biosciences Center 10
Welton, Rebecca V Higuchi Biosciences Center 15
Johnson, David K Higuchi Biosciences Center 15
Neuenswander, Benjamin Higuchi Biosciences Center 15
Schoenen Jr, Frank Higuchi Biosciences Center 15
Carlyle, Linda Kay Higuchi Biosciences Center 30
Fite, Jeremy Hilltop 5
Miller, Jinnine Hilltop 5
Andrews, Dalene Hilltop 5
Cook, Virginia Hilltop 5
Bennett, Natalie Hilltop 5
Young, April Hilltop 15
Pisani, Mike Hilltop 20
Bailey, Beth History 5
Farber, David W History 5
Denning, Andrew Stephan History 5
Gregg, Sara Mills History 10
Wood, Nathaniel David History 15
Rosenthal, Anton Benjamin History 30
Fowler, Sherry D. History of Art 20
Kessler, Marni Reva History of Art 20
Olson, Mark S. History of Art 25
Stone-Ferrier, Linda A. History of Art 40
Herrera, Matthew Phillip Housing Office Administration 10
Grosdidier, Joan M. Housing Office Administration 50
Cole, Melissa Dawn Human Resource Management 10
McBee, Jennifer York Human Resource Management 10
Karten, Mary F. Human Resource Management 25
Strong, Mary Lou Human Resource Management 25
Ames Stratton, Kathleen Anne Human Resource Management 30
Allenbrand, Ruth A Human Resource Management 30
Burkhead, Pamela J. Human Resource Management 40
Mihesuah, Devon Abbott Humanities 15
Botkin, Richard D Humanities 20
Urie, Dale Marie Humanities 20
Ernzen, Brandy Michelle Indigenous Studies 5
Boss, Jason Nicholas Info & Telecom Tech Center 5
Edge, Tanner Paul Information Technology 5
Galindo, Nicholas Joseph Information Technology 5
Schaumburg, Kristopher Allen Information Technology 5
Welchhans, Christopher G Information Technology 5
Martinez, Lisa A Information Technology 5
Mamalayan, Padmini Information Technology 5
Polley, Austin Allen Information Technology 5
Kelly, Owen Michael Information Technology 5
Horner, Kevin R Information Technology 5
Leacox, Marcus James Information Technology 5
Pise, Bhavana Dilip Information Technology 5
Kettles Jr, Gilbert Parmele Information Technology 5
Mayer, Randy Todd Information Technology 5
Meek Jr, James P Information Technology 5
Hays, Grant W Information Technology 5
Henry, Jonathan P Information Technology 5
Holcomb, Gregg E Information Technology 10
Peterson, Joshua Michael Information Technology 10
Droge II, Thomas Joseph Information Technology 10
Rong, Dongsheng Information Technology 15
Ouyang, Hui Information Technology 15
Fair, Steven M Information Technology 15
Burgardt, Daniel J Information Technology 15
Crawshaw, James Benton Information Technology 15
Lindberg, Curtis A Information Technology 15
Crook, Christopher G Information Technology 15
Meston, Jenine Dawn Information Technology 15
Dixon, Linda G Information Technology 20
Troyer, Henry C. Information Technology 20
Riffel, Aaron M Information Technology 20
Neff, Julie Ann Information Technology 25
Rinnert, John M. Information Technology 25
Robison, Sandra A. Information Technology 25
Wagner, Pamela L. Information Technology 30
Paul, Craig Allen Information Technology 35
Pesek-Shields, Elizabeth A. Information Technology 35
DaPron, Rachel Lynn Inst Opportunity & Access 5
Towns, Carrie S. Inst Research & Planning 35
Schwartz, Jeffrey Bowie Intercollegiate Athletics 10
Miller, Charles J Intercollegiate Athletics 10
Bankart, Charles Allen Swanson International Affairs Admin 15
Predolac, Nikola International Support Services 5
McClenahan, Julie Marie International Support Services 5
Broers, Rose Mary International Support Services 10
Lawrenz, Heather A Journalism 5
Vu, Hong Tien Journalism 5
Holstead, Carol Elizabeth Journalism 30
Rottinghaus, Steven J Journalism Administration 5
Brill, Ann Marie Journalism Administration 20
Layzell, Anthony Lee Kansas Geological Survey 5
Knobbe, Steven J Kansas Geological Survey 10
Hendershot, Sally Jeanne Kansas Geological Survey 10
Wedel, Brett A Kansas Geological Survey 15
Hunsinger, Keith L Kansas Geological Survey 15
Jones, Eileen Emmi Kansas Geological Survey 15
Ludvigson, Gregory A Kansas Geological Survey 15
Nelson, Kenneth A. Kansas Geological Survey 25
Evans, Catherine S. Kansas Geological Survey 35
Deputy, James O. Kansas Geological Survey 40
Drahozal, Kaye Marie McIntyre Kansas Public Radio 10
Lovato-Winston, Feloniz Versabe Kansas Public Radio 15
Lorson, Laura Ann Kansas Public Radio 20
Staab, Jeremy D. Kansas Public Radio 25
Slote, Jason M. Kansas Public Radio 25
Brown, Cordelia Brink Kansas Public Radio 30
Kreie, Lisa L Kansas Unions-Campus Dining 20
Huneryager, Gregory A. Kansas Unions-Campus Dining 25
Yocum, Renee Ann KS Biological Survey 5
Weekley, David Michael KS Biological Survey 5
Bishop, Christopher R KS Biological Survey 10
Rogers, David C KS Biological Survey 10
Baranski, Brandy Elaine Hildreth KS Biological Survey 15
Baker, Debra Sue KS Biological Survey 20
Houts, Michael Edmund KS Biological Survey 20
Burgess, Michael Jacob KU Memorial Union 5
Allen, Katharine L KU Memorial Union 5
Clark, Brian David KU Memorial Union 5
Hemberg, Alexander David KU Memorial Union 5
Monroe, Shilo Alison KU Memorial Union 5
Norris, Marlene Elizabeth KU Memorial Union 5
Morgan, Grylyn Cardell KU Memorial Union 5
Pentlin, Judith M KU Memorial Union 5
Poland, Andrew Healy KU Memorial Union 5
Brunton, Halli Morgan KU Memorial Union 5
Pouy, Jacinta Therese KU Memorial Union 5
Wilson, Elizabeth May KU Memorial Union 5
Baker, Jennifer E. KU Memorial Union 5
Winter, Jeffery Allen KU Memorial Union 5
Thompson, John A. KU Memorial Union 5
Sherman, Samuel Wade KU Memorial Union 5
Brouster, Jason Roy KU Memorial Union 5
Gunn, Ashante Shemetrius KU Memorial Union 5
Mahoney, Whitney Jeanne KU Memorial Union 5
Pouy, John A KU Memorial Union 10
Reno, Hugh David KU Memorial Union 10
Clark, Christopher James KU Memorial Union 10
Phillips, Cary L. KU Memorial Union 10
Woodson, Randall C. KU Memorial Union 15
Poage, Linda L KU Memorial Union 15
Johnson, Thomas V. KU Memorial Union 15
Englebrecht, Lisa Kay KU Memorial Union 15
Thompson, Shirley Jane KU Memorial Union 15
Hurwitz, David Locke KU Memorial Union 15
Esperance, Lesly Gerald C KU Memorial Union 20
Corrigan, William E KU Memorial Union 20
Green, Ellen Elizabeth KU Memorial Union 25
Niccum, Jon Scott KU News Service 5
Tummons, Emily J Latin Amer & Caribbean Studies 5
Palmer, Vicki Lynne Law Administration 20
Warner, Gary L Law Enforcement Training Ctr 5
Hernandez, Maria Rocio Law Enforcement Training Ctr 5
Zook, Curtis Russell Law Enforcement Training Ctr 5
Turner, Glenna Sue Law Enforcement Training Ctr 10
Roberts, Karen Grace Law Enforcement Training Ctr 15
Jolliff, Bruce A Law Enforcement Training Ctr 15
Lemen Jr, Phillip Wayne Law Enforcement Training Ctr 20
Sowers Jr, Alvin L Law Enforcement Training Ctr 20
McConnell, Yvette Ilene Law Enforcement Training Ctr 25
Crawford, Pamela McDaniel Law Library 25
DeRousse, Melanie Daily Law School 5
Schnug, Meredith Ann Law School 5
Ho, Virginia Emily Law School 10
Torrance, Andrew William Law School 15
Valdez, Suzanne Law School 20
Head, John W. Law School 30
Levy, Richard E. Law School 35
Bohling, Christopher Paul Libraries-General 5
Misenhelter, Meghan Lyn Libraries-General 5
Bolick, Joshua Adam Libraries-General 5
Andres, Angela M Libraries-General 5
Cossel, Scott Michael Libraries-General 5
MacBean, Heather Lynn Libraries-General 5
Lubbers, Michele Joan Libraries-General 10
Raple, Mary Ellen Libraries-General 10
Whittaker, Beth Michelle Libraries-General 10
Stewart, Lisa A. Libraries-General 15
Giullian, Jon Christopher Libraries-General 15
Johnson, Jennifer Lee Libraries-General 15
Bi, Xiufen Libraries-General 15
Sauerwein, Daniel G Libraries-General 15
Becker, Jill K Libraries-General 15
Rathmel, Angela Dee Libraries-General 20
Woodrick, Julia Christine Libraries-General 20
Richardson, Sarah A Libraries-General 20
Dyer, Wanda D Libraries-General 30
Traxler, JoAnna L Libraries-General 40
Roach, Mary Katherine Libraries-General 45
Alexander, Channette Libraries-General 50
Couch, Sarah King Libraries-General 50
Miller, Kent E Libraries-General 55
Scouffas, Anthea Rebecca Lied Center 15
Hause, Ann Hockenberry Lied Center 20
Gabriele, Alison Margaret Linguistics 15
O'Neil, Meredith Tack Marketing Communications 5
Witt, Emily Elspeth Mathematics 5
Weiland, Katherine Lindsey Mathematics 5
Tu, Xuemin Mathematics 10
Nualart, David Mathematics 15
Kachi, Yasuyuki Mathematics 15
Martin, Jeremy L Mathematics 15
Oh, Myunghyun Mathematics 15
Xu, Hongguo Mathematics 20
Sheu, Albert Jeu Liang Mathematics 35
DeAgostino, Thomas H Mechanical Engineering 5
Ku, Geng Mechanical Engineering 5
Dougherty, Ronald L. Mechanical Engineering 20
Fischer, Kenneth J. Mechanical Engineering 20
Maletsky, Lorin P Mechanical Engineering 20
Timmermann, Barbara N Medicinal Chemistry 15
Rasmussen, Revellia Frances Medicinal Chemistry 15
Buttenhoff, Cynthia J. Medicinal Chemistry 55
Deay, Jacqueline Jane Molecular Biosciences 5
Xu, Liang Molecular Biosciences 10
Davido, David J Molecular Biosciences 15
De Guzman, Roberto Nguyen Molecular Biosciences 15
Azuma, Yoshiaki Molecular Biosciences 15
Gegenheimer, Peter Albert Molecular Biosciences 35
Day, Victor W Molecular Structures Group 15
Porras, Precious Heart Multicultural Affairs 15
Compitello, Michael Patrick Music 5
Stoelzel, Ingrid Music 5
Babcock, Brock Joseph Music 5
Street, David Alan Music 10
Popiel, Paul W Music 10
Broxholm, Julia A Music 15
Berghout, Elizabeth Egbert Music 20
Colwell Dunn, Cynthia Melissa Music 20
Gailey, Daniel J. Music 30
Ferrell, Mark T. Music 35
Higdon Jr, James M. Music 40
Walzel Jr, Robert L Music Administration 10
Lyles, Jeana Marie Office of Admissions 5
Byrd, Gina M Office of Admissions 5
Bartz, Kindra Lynn Office of Admissions 10
Chaney, Kathryn L Office of Admissions 15
Simon, Heidi Jo Office of Admissions 20
Szrot III, Robert B Office of Research 5
O'Malley, James J Office of Research 5
Bornemann, Douglas Joseph Office of Research 5
Goetting, Justin W Office of Research 5
Bodmer, Leanne Maree Office of Research 5
Stephens, Deanne Marie Office of Research 5
Roberts, Tina Louise Office of Research 5
Blum, Rosemary L Office of Research 5
Peterson, Samantha N Office of Research 10
Bennett Monroe, Elizabeth Jane Office of Research 10
Small, Jessica Ruth Office of Research 15
Reed, Alicia Maxxanne Office of Research 15
Sadovsky, Adrienne Lisa Office of Research 15
Bernet, Bradley Jay Office of Research 20
Biles, Nancy Ann Office of Research 20
Lundquist, Erik A Office of Research 20
Cregg, Gina Mae Office of Research 20
Marino, Lucille Anna Office of Research 25
Abel, Anita A. Office of Research 45
Willson, Kathryn Anne OLeary SSC 5
Barker, Erin Caroline OLeary SSC 5
Mathews, John P OLeary SSC 5
Jordan, Connie Lynn OLeary SSC 10
Carlson, Amy Lynn OLeary SSC 10
Coonfield, Daniel Lee OLeary SSC 15
Denning, David H Operations Business Office 5
Zahoor, Adnan Operations Business Office 5
Long, Callie Jane Operations Business Office 10
Hyde, Josie Linn Operations Business Office 15
Braide, Amy O Dokubo Operations Business Office 30
Whitaker, Neal W Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5
Kumar, Prashant Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5
Hagen, Anna J Pharmaceutical Chemistry 10
Volkin, David B Pharmaceutical Chemistry 10
Picking, Wendy Lynn Pharmaceutical Chemistry 15
Joshi, Sangeeta Bagai Pharmaceutical Chemistry 20
Stobaugh, John F. Pharmaceutical Chemistry 35
Tracy, James Wakefield Pharmacology & Toxicology 5
Rosa-Molinar, Eduardo Pharmacology & Toxicology 5
Barnes, Jessica Raye Pharmacy Practice 5
Bates, Jessica May Pharmacy Practice 5
Grauer, Dennis W Pharmacy Practice 20
Frykholm, Erin Amanda Philosophy 10
Kong, Kyoungchul Physics and Astronomy 10
Webb, Clayton McLaughlin Political Science 5
Wuthrich, Fred Michael Political Science 10
Britton, Hannah E Political Science 15
Pickerel, Linda May Political Science 20
Reich, Gary Matthew Political Science 25
LaPointe, Leah Mae Procurement Services 5
Avery, Vickie L Procurement Services 15
Wustefeld, Rechelle Ann Procurement Services 20
Parnell, Sharon Lea Provost Office 10
Goddard, Diane Hoose Provost Office 35
Fazzino, Tera L Psychology 5
Kirk, Sarah Beth Psychology 15
Reynolds, Kelly M Public Affairs 5
Beard, Jennifer A Public Safety Office 5
Haller, John Andrew Public Safety Office 5
James, Roy R Public Safety Office 5
Butler, Mark Allen Public Safety Office 5
Finley, Lisa Marie Public Safety Office 5
Wiseman, Thomas P Public Safety Office 10
Carpenter, Todd W Public Safety Office 15
Schillinger, Daniel J Public Safety Office 15
Mies, Kevin M Public Safety Office 20
Shipman, Peter A Public Safety Office 20
Anguiano, James E. Public Safety Office 30
Kolenda, Miranda Ree Recreation Services 5
Borton, Tracy Allen Recreation Services 10
Dickey, John M Recreation Services 15
Brinton, Jacquelene G Religious Studies 10
Beer, Christian Johannes C School of Lang Lit & Cultures 5
Raines, Samantha S School of Lang Lit & Cultures 15
Greenberg, Marc L. School of Lang Lit & Cultures 30
Jewers, Caroline A. School of Lang Lit & Cultures 30
Coombs, Patricia June School of Pharmacy 5
Heidrick, Joseph Eli School of Pharmacy 10
Ruisinger, Janelle Faye School of Pharmacy 20
Urish, Sandra Deen School of Pharmacy 20
Ho, Alfred Tat-Kei School of Public Affairs&Admin 10
Getha-Taylor, Heather G School of Public Affairs&Admin 10
Fowles, Jacob T School of Public Affairs&Admin 10
Goerdel, Holly Thompson School of Public Affairs&Admin 15
Wallo, Oleksandra Ihorivna Slavic Languages & Literatures 5
Ahmad, Razi Slavic Languages & Literatures 10
Swartzendruber, Lora L Social Welfare 5
Smokowski, Paul Richard Social Welfare 5
Kepple, Nancy Jo Social Welfare 5
Paceley, Megan Sophia Social Welfare 5
Brook, Joanna P. Social Welfare 15
L'Ecuyer, Cheryl L. Social Welfare 40
Shafer, Dana Laurie Social Welfare Administration 10
Smith, David Norman Sociology 30
Gullickson, Sean Weaver Spanish & Portuguese 5
Sheldon, Megan Kristine Spanish & Portuguese 5
Garibotto, Veronica Ines Spanish & Portuguese 10
Brasseur, Irma Faye Special Education 20
Horn, Eva Marie Special Education 20
Sailor, Wayne Stratford Special Education 30
Gillispie, William M Speech-Language-Hearing 15
Harris, Rebecca Speech-Language-Hearing 15
Warren, Steve F. Speech-Language-Hearing 25
Straughn, MaryCelka K Spencer Museum of Art 10
Talbott, Jennifer Elizabeth Neuburger Spencer Museum of Art 15
Tomlin, Christine B Strong Hall SSC 5
Stremel, Alec Keifer Strong Hall SSC 5
Akers, Shelby Anne Strong Hall SSC 5
Johnson, Allison Rene Strong Hall SSC 5
Hulse, Jamie Lynn Strong Hall SSC 5
Chilcoat, Jessica Ann Strong Hall SSC 10
Rana, Waqas Strong Hall SSC 15
Benfield, Elizabeth Rose Knapik Strong Hall SSC 25
Holladay, Robin A. Strong Hall SSC 40
Neyens, Desiree Sue Lynn Stu Involve & Leaders Ctr-SILC 5
Joseph, Kevin Walter Student Affairs 5
Sprague, Jennifer Renee Student Affairs 5
Tuttle, Jane Ann Student Affairs 25
Coons, Yukiko Minamikawa Student Information Systems 20
Blann, Rendra L. Student Information Systems 20
Griffin, Angela C Student Information Systems 20
Bond, Julie A. Student Information Systems 35
Schuler, Christine Marie Student Information Systems 35
Gradington, Leticia Ann Student Money Management Srvc 10
Leonard, Laura A. Study Abroad and Global Engmt 15
Chaison, Nancy B. Study Abroad and Global Engmt 35
Sitzman, Ann Elizabeth Theatre and Dance 5
McCall, Ryan Michael Theatre and Dance 10
Bial, Henry Carl Theatre and Dance 15
Hilding, Jerel L. Theatre and Dance 30
Pryor, Katherine L. Theatre and Dance 40
Alexander, James Dwayne Transportation Services 5
Moore, James D Transportation Services 15
Olson, Mary B. Transportation Services 35
Koerner, Patrick B Undergraduate Advising Ctr 5
Chavez, Michael A Undergraduate Advising Ctr 10
Hallberg, Constance Ann Undergraduate Biology Program 10
Hueston, Jennifer L. Undergraduate Biology Program 15
Transue, Susan Ann Undergraduate Biology Program 20
Proudfoot, Kandi Marie Undergraduate Biology Program 35
Plotnikov, Natalia Evgenyevna University Career Center 5
Tripp, Colin Myles University Press of Kansas 5
Yuhn, Melodie Ash University Registrar 25
Gross, Sarah Corinne Visual Art 5
Bitters, Shawn T Visual Art 15
Velasco, Francisca Maria Visual Art 25
Krueger, Michael J. Visual Art 25
Richardson, Sue A. Visual Art 25
McCrea, Judith Kay Burns Visual Art 30
Harper, Kate Elizabeth Watkins Health Services 5
Markese, Sabrina Watkins Health Services 5
Bruner, Steven C Watkins Health Services 5
Murphy, Joy Ruth Watkins Health Services 5
Khater, Magda S Watkins Health Services 5
Haar, Linda S Watkins Health Services 10
Brown, Patti L Watkins Health Services 15
Malott, Diana Lynn Watkins Health Services 15
Kimble, Laura B Watkins Health Services 20
Pinegar, Judith L. Watkins Health Services 50
Vanderhurst, Stacey Leigh Women Gender & Sexuality Stds 5
Patchen, Sandra S. Public Safety Office 55

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