Empowering a Community of Excellence

2019 Staff Leadership Summit Presentations

April 3 — Kansas Union

8 a.m. pick up program, 4th floor lobby
8:30 a.m. Summit begins, Woodruff Auditorium
3 p.m. Summit ends


Keynote Speaker

  • Carl Lejuez, Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Breakout Sessions

New Technology Tools from IT 

  • Tennille Fincham, Trainer, Technology Instruction and Engagement
  • Suzie Johannes, IT Technology Manager

Effective Engagement at an International University    

  • Dr. Rachel Sherman Johnson, Director, Campus Internationalization and Fellowships, International Affairs
  • Chuck Olcese, Director, International Support Services
  • Alison Watkins, Intercultural Learning Coordinator, International Affairs

Practicing Mindfulness to Engage with Self

  • Merrill Evans, LSCSW, CARE Coordinator, Watkins Health Services

Strategies for Success: Applying Behavioral Strategies to Achieve Broader Success

  • Jeff Chasen, Associate Vice Provost for Integrity & Compliance

Microaggressions: A Barrier to Staff Engagement

  • Kate Burns, EEO/Title IX Investigator, Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access
  • Tamarah Dixon, EEO/Title IX Investigator, Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access

Creating a Proactive Campus Climate through Partnerships: Hawk Route-Beyond Physical Access

  • Kit Cole, Coordinator for Accessible Technology
  • Catherine Johnson, Director, ADA Resource Center for Equity & Accessibility

What is the Jayhawk and Why Should I Care?

  • Curtis Marsh, Associate Development Director for the Lied Center and School of Music

Bullet Journaling

  • Jason Koepp, Principal Analyst, Analytics and Institutional Research
  • Stacey Rinnert, Director, Process Improvement and Project Management Office, Chief of Staff to CFO & Vice Provost for Finance

Navigating Power Dynamics in a Changing Organization

  • Dr. Angie Pastorek, Program Director and Faculty, Professional Workplace Communication Graduate Programs, KU Edwards Campus

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

  • Kathleen Ames-Stratton, Associate Director, Human Resource Management
  • Mike Rounds, Vice Provost for Operations

Staff Fellows – Internal Service Delivery Best Practices

  • KU Staff Fellows

Finding Freedom: Using Breath and Body Awareness to Achieve Mental Clarity

  • Melinda J. Ball, IT Analyst, Information Technology

Engaging Using Compassionate Communication: An Introduction

  • Laurie Harrison, Senior Trainer, Human Resource Management

Going Beyond Work-Life as Struggle: Creating a Life with Work, Family, and Renewal

  • Dr. Angela N. Gist-Mackey, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies & Director, Multicultural Scholars Program - Humanities

Afternoon Talks

We Were Never Designed for This: The Psychological Toxicity of Modern Life (And What You Can Do About It)

  • Stephen Ilardi, Associate Professor, Psychology

Professional Self-Care and Sustainability

  • Jen Brockman, Director, Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center

We’re All Gonna Die: Bridging the Gap between Expectations and Reality

  • Jason Koepp, Principal Analyst, Analytics and Institutional Research

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