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2016 Staff Leadership Summit Presentations & Resources

Join us at the Summitt February 18, 2015

KU Sixth Annual Staff Leadership Summit: Jayhawk Leadership through Inclusion, Engagement, Unity and Innovation

Thursday, February 18, 2016 | Kansas Union | Event Program


Introduction by Mike Rounds, Vice Provost for Human Resource Management

Mahesh Daas, Dean of the School of Architecture, Design & Planning, ACSA distinguished professor of architecture, author of Leading with Aesthetics


Diversity & Social Justice in Higher Education: Current issues & strategies for creating an inclusive campus community
Emily Gullickson, Program Coordinator for Diversity and Social Justice Education, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Presentation Materials | Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education Presentation

A New Way to Work: A guide to working more connected using technology
Technology Instructors Tennille Fincham and Suzie Johannes, Information Technology

Presentation Materials | A New Way To Work Presentation

Mindfulness: How mindful moments can increase effectiveness and decrease stress
Sharon Riley, Organizational Development Coordinator, KU Libraries

Presentation Materials | Mindfulness PowerPoint, Mindfulness Exercises, Bibliography

Strategies for Managing Work and Family at a Research University
Lisa Wolf-Wendel, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Presentation Materials | Managing Work and Family Presentation

Supporting Transformative Change Efforts using KU’S Community Tool Box
Christina Holt, Associate Director for Community Tool Box Services, Work Group for Community Health and Development

Presentation Materials | Supporting Transformative Change Efforts the Community Tool Box Presentation

Handouts | Community Tool Box Flyer, Work Group for Community Health and Development Flyer

Empathic Listening. The heart of communication
Kathleen Ames-Stratton, Associate Director of Human Resource Management
Sydney Spears, Director of Edwards Campus Social Welfare Programs and Director of Professional & Community Education Program

Presentation Materials | Empathic Listening Presentation

The Paradox of Rules: How social identities frame the way we perceive and use rules
Shannon Portillo, Associate Professor School of Public Affairs & Administration

Presentation Materials | Paradox of Rules Presentation, Paradox of Rules Narrative

The Brand of YOU: How to create a personal brand strategy
Janet Rose, Director of The Agency, School of Journalism

Presentation Materials | The Brand of You Presentation

Beyond the “Open Door Policy” Engaging Your People with Follower-Centered Leadership Communication
Angie Pastorek, Ph.D.

Presentation Materials | Beyond the "Open Door Policy" Presentation

Engaging Groups: How to spark connection instead of suffering
Noel Rasor, Assistant Director, KU Public Management Center

Presentation Materials | Handout

Changing Perspectives and Opening Doors: The impact of the ADA on the lives of individuals with disabilities
Catherine Johnson, Director of the Office of Accessibility

Presentation Materials | Changing Perspectives and Opening Doors Presentation

Trauma Informed Response: Responding to Students, Staff, and Faculty Experiencing Trauma
Jen Brockman, Director of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center

Presentation Materials | Trauma Informed Response Presentation, Trauma Informed Response Handout

Our Students, Their Success, Your Leadership
Jenny McKee - Program Manager, Watkins Health Services

Presentation Materials | NCHA Survey Data



Designing for Change - Jeremy Shellhorn, Associate Professor of Visual Communication Design, Assistant Chair Department of Design

#SayTheirNames: Writing for the Stage in the Shadow of Ferguson - Darren Canady, Assistant Professor, Department of English

Innovations in Medical Applications of Artificial Intelligence - Arvin Agah, Associate Dean of Engineering for Research and Graduate Programs

Moving Beyond Success: The Quest for Mastery - Chris Stone-Sewalish, Assistant Director of Residence Life

Reflections on Water and Education - Rex Buchannan, Interim Director of Kansas Geological Survey


Diane Goddard, Vice Provost for Administration and Finance

Kathleen Ames-Stratton, Associate Director Human Resource Management
Jami Jones, Learning and Organization Development Specialist, Human Resource Management




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