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Winter Recess

During the annual winter recess period (December 26, 2019 through Tuesday, December 31, 2019), please refer to the information below for leave reporting or to request alternate work assignments for days when/if your office is closed. Employees should work with their supervisors if their offices will be closed to ask for leave approval or for work reassignment.

Please note that the University is officially closed on the following dates:

  • December 25
  • January 1

Use of Leave or Compensatory Time

Unclassified professional staff (UPS), fiscal year academic/faculty, and university support staff (USS) employees who are not required to and do not wish to work between December 26, 2019 and December 31, 2019, on days the University is open, may use accumulated vacation or earned compensatory or holiday compensatory time. Visit the Absence Management document for instructions on submitting an absence request in HR/Pay.

Leave Without Pay

With the permission of the department head, non-exempt (hourly) and exempt (salaried) employees may also use leave without pay. Exempt employees can only use leave without pay in full work day increments.

Voluntary Leave Without Pay With Benefits Program

Eligible employees who plan to be away from work for a minimum of one pay period (two weeks) may request to use the Voluntary Leave Without Pay With Benefits program.

Use of Discretionary Holiday

Employees who have accrued a discretionary holiday, must take that holiday on/by the annually designated deadline or it will be forfeited. Those eligible for the discretionary holiday for the following calendar year may begin to report its use during the pay period annually designated for that reporting.

Visit the Absence Management document for instructions on submitting a request to use your discretionary holiday in HR/Pay.

Alternative Work Arrangements

Some employees may not wish to use their accumulated vacation or compensatory leave during the annual winter recess period. Employees whose department will be closed but who wish to work during this period may request to be temporarily reassigned. HRM will attempt to match those wishing to work with units needing help. If you wish to work, you can contact HRM at hrdept@ku.edu or 785-864-4946. Interested employees should call by early December for reassignment. Departments that will need help should also contact HRM by early December.

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