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2019 University Support Staff and Unclassified Professional Staff Retirement Luncheon

First Name Middle Last Department Years
Willie L.  Amison Jr.  Achievement & Assessment Institute 14
David M. Bakarich Facilities Services 22
Mike J. Baltezor Biotechnology Innovation & Optimization Center 9
Jack L.  Bame Facilities Services 18
Judy A.  Barnes Facilities Services 11
George Andrew Barnes Intercollegiate Athletics 20
Roger A.  Bartels Intercollegiate Athletics 26
Pamela Racobs Bonham Libraries-General 27
George H.  Bowen Public Safety Office 15
Pamela C.  Bray Campus Operations 11
Wanda L.  Buck O'Leary SSC 24
Sue   Church Facilities Services 32
Daniel R.  Coester Spencer Museum of Art 29
Pamela J.  Confer Facilities Services 35
David O. Couvelha CED-Kansas Fire & Rescue Training 14
Linda L.  Crawford Office of Research 16
Pamela A.  Curtis Edwards Campus 21
Eva M.  Daniels Facilities Services 14
Lon   Dehnert Education Administration 8
John Robert Dreiling Facilities Services 18
Dale G.  Dunlap Public Safety Office 36
Marcia J.  Dvorak Achievement & Assessment Institute 12
Gera R.  Elliott Architecture Design 40
Kim M.  Emmons Facilities Services 13
Diane Kay Etzel Wise Strong Hall SSC 6
Ola D. Faucher Human Resources 47
Elena   Gannushkina Financial Aid & Scholarships 12
Miguel B. Garcia Jr.  Public Safety Office 29
Todd T.  Gleason Facilities Services 31
Patricia Gail Graner Center for Research on Learning 13
Dawna L.  Groninger Human Resources 29
Evelyn Louise Haaheim Office of Research 13
Allan W.  Hall Facilities Services 26
Cheryl Ann Hand Watkins Health Services 22
Sandra J. Hannon Institutional Research & Planning 28
John Howard Hedeman Business    6
Nancy S. Helm Pharmaceutical Chemistry 42
Richard   Hermesch Information Technology 42
Cynthia D. Hodges Philosophy 41
Martha J.  Hodgesmith Bureau of Child Research 15
Becky   Hofer Social Welfare 21
Christopher Daniel Howe Procurement Services 6
Ray   Hummert School of Public Affairs & Administration 17
Allen Kent Humphrey Human Resources 10
Tizby C.  Hunt-Ward Physics and Astronomy 34
Kathy    Jansen O'Leary SSC 44
Chris    Johnson Institutional Research & Planning 27
Beverly K. Johnson Chemistry 22
Catherine J.  Johnson Eaton Hall SSC 27
Tonya R.  Ketchum Eaton Hall SSC 27
Douglas M.  Koch Marketing Communications 29
Teresa A.  Kopsa Office of Research 17
Anna Margaret Kraxner Office of Research 27
Mary   LeGresley Business & Financial Planning 14
Charles D.  Linn Architecture Design 6
Pamela L.  Loop Facilities Services 13
Walter Maurice Maddox Facilities Services 11
Linda Kay Mann Child Language Program 11
Larisa   Martin University Press of Kansas 16
Anne M.  Marvin Continuing Education Administration 10
Albert P. Masino Center for Environmental Beneficial Catalysis 1
Diane Lynn Massey School of Pharmacy 35
Jerry Lynn McDavis Facilities Services 10
Linda   McGurn Center for Research on Learning 5
Debbie L.  Mendoza Facilities Services 14
Helen   Meseraull Alumni Association 18
Debra J. Meyer Facilities Services 24
Linda Sue Mole KU Memorial Union 17
Nancy   Montgomery Continuing Education Administration 41
Hollyce   Morris First Year Experience 24
Stella   Murphy Counseling & Psychological Services 18
Jan Morris Nitcher Housing Office Administration 40
Julia J. O'Dell Achievement & Assessment Institute 20
Kirby D. Ostrander KU Memorial Union 36
Larry E.  Palmquist Libraries-General 25
Richard D. Parker Facilities Services 18
Bruce A.  Phillips Information Technology 10
Machelle   Puckett Facilities Services 31
Clarence A.  Rayton Facilities Services 40
Valerie Alexander Renault Bureau of Child Research 27
Katherine G.  Rose-Mockry Emily Taylor Center 24
Jorgina A.  Ross Kansas Biological Survey 31
Donis Jean Sawyer Watkins Health Services 13
Thomas Scott Sherwood Facilities Services 21
Nancy   Stark Watkins Health Services 2
Katherine I. Stiers Environment, Health & Safety 36
Cathy A.  Swenson-Tucker Strong Hall SSC 20
Susan M.  Teague Chemistry 41
Billy Joe Vanatta Facilities Services 17
Cheryl A.  Wagner CED-Kansas Fire & Rescue Training 37
Debbie E.  Wales Engineering Administration 41
Ethel L.  Wehner Engineering Administration 25
Lois A.  Weldon Bureau of Child Research 41
Marcia   Wilson Alumni Association 29

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