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Time Collection Devices - FAQs

Please visit Time Collection Devices for more information. 

What general information is available about TCDs?

Time Collection Devices (TCD's) are located in many buildings throughout the KU campus and may be used by employees who use a clock method to report time worked. The TCD captures the location where the employee clocked in or out from, as well as the actual clock time.  The TCDs are for use by Campus Operations and are being phased out or replaced. The Proximity TCD requires use of an access card to identify the employee for all of the TCD's functions. Employees who are assigned to use the TCD will be issued an access card to use when clocking in or clock out. Employees must use the card assigned to them and cannot use another employee's card for any reason. The access card is a plain, white card.

The Time Collection Devices require that you select buttons and list choices by touching the screen.  No matter which option is selected, the employee must present their proximity card to have the device log the transaction. You may touch the screen using a finger, stylus, end of pen or eraser.  Do not use a pen or any item that will scratch or write on the screen. When work assignments require movement between different buildings during the workday, the employee can clock in on one device, then clock out on any other device or use the Web Clock accessed via Mobile HR/Pay or HR/Pay.

The University of Kansas will use TimeLink's TL Direct System to collect and feed time to the PeopleSoft HR/Pay system. HR/Pay will be the Time/ Attendance and Absence Management system of record. TimeLink's system will facilitate the time entry processes for users who do not enter transactions directly in HR/Pay. 

Using the Time Collection Device

Employees who are assigned to use a TCD to track their time will use the device to:

  • Clock In at the start of the work shift.
  • Clock Temp. Out, and back In for lunch and other personal activities where the employee will be temporarily off the clock and return to work finish the workday. (Student employees will not use Temp Out –they should Clock In and Out during the same day. Staff will need to use the Temp Out and In to have time accurately calculated by the HR/Pay system.)
  • Clock Out at the end of the work shift.
  • Check the current balance(s) of any leave time accumulated.

For assistance with using a Time Collection Device (TCD), contact one of the following numbers:

  • For HRM Support: 785-864-0600
  • For Technical Support: 785-864-8080

What buttons are displayed on the TCD main screen?

The five buttons on the TCD perform the following time keeping functions.  Please note, student employees will not use the Temp, Out, Student will just clock In or Out for each segment of work time.

In - Clock in when you arrive to start your workday, or when returning from lunch or other break after clocking out using the temp. out button. Out - Clock out as you leave at the end of the workday. Balances - Displays current available time balances for all Leave time. Clock Out on a temporary basis. Leave Req Status - Check teh status of any request for leave you have submitted.

Where are the Proximity and Biometric TCDs located?

How do I clock in if I forget my proximity card or if my card doesn’t work?

You may also clock in or out using the Web Clock in the HR/Pay system under Employee Self-Service, Report Time.  Let your supervisor or department know immediately that you do not have your card.  Your supervisor will be able to set your clock-in time for you.  As cards are assigned to an employee, do not attempt to clock in using another employee's card.

What happens if I forget to clock in, or forget to clock out?

Contact your supervisor or department immediately if you forget to clock in or out. Your supervisor will be able to enter a clock-in and/or clock-out time for you.

Do I have to clock out on the same TCD I clock in on?

No. You may use different TCDs during the workday to clock in, clock out.  The TCD captures the location where you clock in and/or out, as well as the time. 

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