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Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty

Faculty searches, appointments and associated changes require final and review and approval by the Office of the Provost with the exception of annualized merit.  A sampling of different compensation changes are listed below.

Promotion and Tenure/Promotion in Rank

The criteria and procedures followed by faculty for the promotion and tenure process are outlined in Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations, Article VI or are documented on the Faculty Development website. A faculty member is only able to receive an increase in rank (Assistant to Associate or Associate to Full) through the Promotion and Tenure Process. Each change in rank is associated with a standard salary increase.

Sabbatical Leaves

Eligible faculty whom have submitted and have been approved for a sabbatical by the Office of the Provost will have their compensation covered during the sabbatical period as according to University policy.  Individuals taking a one semester sabbatical will have their base salary covered at 100% and full, academic-year sabbaticals will have their base salary covered at 50%.  Employees whom elect not to return to their position after the conclusion of his/her sabbatical will be required to pay such compensation back according to the terms of the signed agreement upon acceptance.

Appointment to Administrative Position or Interim Assignment

A Faculty member may be asked or have been selected to take on an administrative assignment in addition to his/her teaching and research responsibilities.  Such assignments may result in the award of an administrative supplement attached to the individual’s base pay, a reduction in teaching/research with an additional unclassified professional title (ex. Scientist/Director), or the movement to a 12 month faculty position which has the primary focus in administration with some teaching/research responsibilities at a lower FTE assignment.


Faculty members may be nominated and selected for specific awards throughout the academic year.  The terms and conditions of the award determine how funds are accessible to the awardee.  Cash awards made directly to the individual will be received as additional pay and taxed accordingly by the Payroll Office and direct deposited as appropriate.  Other awards may be set up as an endowment account or research funding that have specific terms, conditions and deadlines in which the funds may be expended.

Compensation Initiatives

The University allows salary savings from a faculty member’s budgeted salary (typically academic year salary) with a portion of the salary paid by grants from a funding agency, foundation or corporation to be used for acceptable reasons as outlined in the policy.

Summer Salary

Academic year faculty have the ability to earn summer salary in the event they accept additional work related assignments in teaching, camp participation/leadership, or research that has funding support. Go to top.

Merit Increase

The merit increase process is conducted as a centralized university activity.  Merit is assigned based upon performance as reflect in one’s annual review, etc.

Counter Offer/Retention

In the event an esteemed faculty member were to resign in lieu of another offer from an external entity, the unit may initiate conversations with the appropriate Dean, Vice Chancellor for Research, and the Office of the Provost to determine if a counter offer package might be supported upon the availability of resources.  Counter offer requests must have approval by the unit hierarchy, Human Resources Management, and the Office of the Provost. Go to top.

Distinguished Professor Appointments

There are two types of Distinguished Professors:  Named Professorships and University Professorships.  Name professorships are funded partly through endowment, reflected in the title of the professor, while University professorships are funded entirely by KU.  The nomination and selection process occurs annually through the Office of the Provost.  Individuals selected as a Distinguished Professor receive an administrative supplement in addition to their base salary paid through the academic year.

Additional Information

Please visit Faculty Development for more information, or contact the Office of the Provost by email at provost@ku.edu or by phone at 785-864-4904.

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