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Please review the links below for other important recruitment resources.

  • Recruitment Exceptions: Provides information related to recruitment process exceptions that may be justified through either a Search Waiver or Personnel Related Action.
  • Policy on Criminal Background Checks: This policy describes KU's background check program which is conducted to facilitate employment decisions that are in the best interest of University students, employees, resources and overall mission statement.
  • International Employees and Scholars Support: Visit this page on the International Programs website for an outline of the options available for bringing an international scholar to KU.
  • Policy on Obtaining Services of Foreign Nationals in Countries Outside of the United StatesThe policy describes requirements that University of Kansas, Lawrence, units must meet in order to obtain the services of foreign nationals (non-U.S. citizens/non-U.S. permanent resident aliens) who reside and work outside of the United States.
  • Working in a DEA Lab Facility: This policy outlines the background check process that has been adopted to fulfill requirements for maintaining laboratories registered with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and to assure the integrity of the research environment in these labs.
  • Retiree Rehire PolicyThis policy establishes the parameters for post-retirement rehires.
  • Voluntary Transfer or Demotion: Provides information when an employee willingly accepts a transfer or demotion and the impact it has on their compensation and/or job title.
  • Interview Question Generator: Generate a series of interview questions based on category/core competency.

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