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Personnel Action Form (PAF)

In an effort to help streamline the personnel transaction submission process, the Personnel Action Form (PAF) has been implemented to take the place of previous traditional methods of transaction submission. This e-form will allow users to submit all personnel transactions in an electronic format by having the user enter specific information.

Accessing the PAF

Staff access the PAF through the following password protected pages on the Human Resource Management (HRM) homepage:

Once you have logged-in, you can find the PAF link in the box titled "Personnel Actions" as illustrated in the image below:

Screenshot of PAF links on the PRS/SSC homepage.

Completing the PAF

Refer to the following guides and supporting materials below for detailed instructions on how to successfully complete a PAF:

How to Guides
Supplemental PAF Materials
  • PAF and Contract Pay - This gives examples of how to submit a PAF for any faculty member eligible for Contract Pay. Found within this document are three examples of how a department can submit contract pay changes for eligible faculty members.
  • Payroll Retroactive Funding Adjustment (RFAs) - This presentation explains what is an RFA, how do you know when a RFA is needed, and how to prevent RFAs.
  • HR/Pay Calendar with PAF Submission and Time & Labor Deadlines.

Additional Information

If you need help filling out a PAF or have any additional questions, please contact HRM at hrdept@ku.edu or call 785-864-4946.

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