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Emergencies & Inclement Weather

Please visit KU Lawrence Campus Alerts to monitor the campus operating status, and to gather emergency information and instructions when inclement weather strikes, or an emergency has been announced.

Severe Weather

KU closes only in very rare circumstances. Visit Inclement Weather FAQs and the Inclement Weather Policy to learn more about closure procedures and time reporting guidelines associated with inclement weather.

Supervisor email 02/16/22 for 2/17/22 Inclement Weather

Campus Emergencies

Please visit Emergency Procedures » to learn more about what to do in the event of an emergency. 

Notification Tools

The Lawrence Campus utilizes a range of tools to keep students, employees, and visitors informed in the event of an emergency. These tools include text messaging (faculty and staff can login to Enroll and Pay to sign up for text messages), public address speakers, email, Twitter, and campus alerts. Visit KU's Emergency Notification System for more information. 

Time Reporting

Please refer to Inclement Weather Time Reporting Guidelines for detailed instructions.

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