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On November 22nd a federal injunction postponing the implementation of changes to the Fair Labor and Standards Act was issued.  This decision was made after the University’s implementation of the regulatory changes.


With the legal outcome of the new federal regulations in question, the leadership at the University of Kansas has taken this as an opportunity to confirm and address areas of compensation and FLSA designations made in light of the ruling.  All salary increases made on November 20, 2016 to comply with the impending FLSA changes will continue.  Campus leadership also intends to honor the new, higher compensation levels for all future Postdoctoral Researcher hires.  This decision ensures that our postdocs are appropriately compensated for the valuable work they perform and that salaries remain competitive amongst peer institutions, especially those in the AAU. This path is also in line with a recent announcement from the National Institutes of Health.


In addition to compensation review, University of Kansas leadership has used the injunction postponement as an opportunity to re-evaluate the reclassification of a number of jobs from salaried-exempt (overtime-ineligible) status to hourly (overtime-eligible). As a result of this review, some staff positions were changed to salaried-exempt (overtime-ineligible) effective December 4, 2016.  All affected staff members and their supervisors have been notified of the change by HRM. Please note that such changes will not result in a decrease in wages or benefits.


We appreciate campus understanding as we work through this unique circumstance and will notify affected staff if further federal changes occur. Please feel free to direct any questions to hrdept@ku.edu.

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