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Employee Recognition Committee

  1. The Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) will be composed of no more than seventeen (17) voting members. A professional staff member from Human Resources (HR) will serve as an ex-officio, non-voting representative to provide staff assistance to the ERC.
  2. The offices of The Provost and HR will each have one voting representative. The remaining fifteen (15) members should be diverse and comprised of a cross section of staff  from the University community and affiliated corporations that have been participants in the employee recognition program.
  3. A four-year maximum term of membership may exist for voting members. Appointment will be made by the Office of the Provost » on a rotational basis so as to assure continuity.
  4. A Vice-Chairperson should be elected annually by the members and succeed to the Chair the following year.
  5. The Chairperson has the responsibility to:
    1. Preside at all meetings of the ERC
    2. Prepare the agenda for ERC meetings
    3. Prepare and sign correspondence in the ERC’s name
    4. Appoint all subcommittees and designate chairpersons
    5. Work closely with the HR staff member to remain informed about the work of the ERC and progress in the conduct of its business
    6. Vote in case of ties
    7. Perform such other duties as are normally associated with the office of Chairperson
  6. The HR staff member has the responsibility to:
    1. Gather and/or prepare from the records of HR and other sources such information and reports as the ERC may deem necessary for the conduct of its business and completion of its mission
    2. Coordinate and/or make with other offices of the University, e.g. the Kansas Union, arrangements for facilities or services needed by the ERC for the conduct of its business

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