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April 2017 Human Resource Management Newsletter

April, 2017
Building Intercultural Skills Workshop #1
April 12, 10 a.m. -2 p.m., 204 JRP

As KU’s international student population grows, staff will need tools to help bridge intercultural differences. Learn ways to communicate confidently with the increasingly diverse populations that KU serves. This workshop offers practical information for working with international students and scholars to establish effective communication and awareness. This workshop is the first of three workshops. Find more details about the series in the HR Talent Development System.

Register here: Building Intercultural  Skills workshop.

KU Wellness Events
  • The annual Faculty and Staff Wellness Fair will be held on Wed, 4/5 from 10:30-1:30 pm at the Kansas Union in the Ballroom.  Attendees can register to win a random door prize and you do not have to be present to win.  Admission is free and the event is for current faculty and staff.  For more information or to volunteer at the fair visit http://wellness.ku.edu/wellness-fair.
  • Do you ever wish you knew more about personal finance? No matter where you are in your financial journey, there always is more to learn. In attending this Lunch-N-Learn, our goal is to raise awareness, to increase skills and knowledge related to personal finance, and to guide you to helpful resources. Research shows that financial education is most effective when it is relevant to a decision you are faced with right now. Your spending, Your savings, Your future.   Join us for a free Lunch-N-Learn about Changing your Life through Better Money Management on Wed, 4/12 from 12:10-12:50 pm at the Kansas Union in the English room. Presented by Leticia Gradington.
  • Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center is now offering a free, 45-minute CRT Orientation to its members!  Learn how to properly use up to 12 basic strength training machines (selectorized equipment only).  To learn more and to register, visit https://recreation.ku.edu/crt-orientation-sign.

Reminder: Workers’ Compensation Process

If an employee is injured at work and the injury occurs during normal business hours, is not severe in nature, as determined by the employee, and the injured employee wants to seek medical treatment, the injured employee's supervisor and/or the injured employee and the supervisor should contact the State Self Insurance Fund (SSIF) at 785-296-2364 to seek authorization prior to seeking any medical treatment.  If the nature of the employee's injury is serious or life threatening, or if the accident occurs after hours, and the employee determines medical treatment is necessary, the employee should proceed directly to the Lawrence Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, or the emergency room nearest them, and notify them that the injury was work related. The injured employee should understand that without the prior authorization from SSIF to seek treatment, if the injury is determined to not be compensable by worker's compensation, the employee will be responsible for associated out of pocket expenses. 

As before, departments remain obligated whenever they become aware of an injury sustained at work, or whenever an employee reports an injury, to download and fully complete form 1101-A: Employer's Report of Accident. The form should be submitted to Human Resource Management within 48 hours of the incident by emailing it to hrdept@ku.edu.  For additional information please visit the Human Resource Management Website.


Employee Recognition Ceremony
May 10th at 1:30, Kansas Union Ballroom

Please join us in KU's annual event to honor our faculty and staff for their years of service to the University. Service pins are given to 5, 10, and 15 year honorees, and gifts are given to those with 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years of service. As part of the ceremony, this past year’s Employees of the Month are recognized and the Employee of the Year winners and Team of the Year winners are announced. Honorees, faculty & staff, and family members are invited to attend a reception afterwards for punch and cookies.  For a full list of honorees, please visit the 2017 Employee Recognition Ceremony page.

For a list of those to be recognized this year please visit our website.

Performance Management System Goal Setting

At this time, all Staff University-wide should be using the Performance Management System, in partnership with their supervisors to establish goals for 2017.  More information about the Performance Management System can be found on the  Human Resources Website. Training materials can be found here:

Performance Management System - Goals Step-by-Step Instructions - Employees

Performance Management System - Goals Step-by-Step Instructions - Supervisors

If you or your department would like to request additional training to include hands on training, please contact Katie McCauley at kmccauley@ku.edu

When was the last time you updated your beneficiary form?

A reminder to update your beneficiaries if:

  • You experienced a major life event such as a birth, marriage, dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership, or death in the family.
  • You updated your will or estate plan. Consult with your legal advisor when you create a will to make sure that you understand whether the beneficiary designations you make for insurance plans or financial accounts are affected by your will.


KU provides eligible faculty and staff basic group life insurance equal to 150% of their annual salary and additional optional group life insurance coverage can be purchased.  Please be sure that your designated beneficiary(ies) are up to date for the group life coverage.  If you need to update your beneficiary designation, please complete and return the appropriate beneficiary form (be sure to have your signature witnessed and dated with the same date).


Beneficiary Form:

For KBOR Retirement Plan Participants - http://www.kpers.org/forms/k799a.pdf  (Please contact your KBOR retirement plan provider, TIAA or Voya, if you want to check or update your designated beneficiary(ies) for your retirement plan.)


For KPERS Retirement Plan Participants - http://www.kpers.org/forms/k799.pdf  (The beneficiary(ies) you designate for your group life insurance coverage also will be the beneficiary(ies) for your KPERS retirement plan.)


Who Are My Current Group Life Insurance Beneficiaries?

Please email your inquiry to benefits@ku.edu.  KPERS members can also check beneficiaries at their online KPERS member account or online KPERS statement - https://member.kpers.org/wfmLogin.aspx

Benefits Affected by Out of Area Leaves and Sabbatical

Faculty and staff who leave the area for an extended period of time—on sabbatical, leave without pay, working overseas for the summer or other reasons—and who have concerns about their benefits should contact Benefits at (785) 864-7402 or benefits@ku.edu.

Retirement Luncheons

Individuals who have retired since July 1, 2016, and those who are currently known to be retiring by July 31, 2017 will be honored at a luncheon this spring.


University Support Staff and Unclassified Professional Staff retirees will be recognized at a luncheon at noon on April 26th in the Kansas Union Ballroom.  Retiree invitations were mailed the first week in March.  For more information about this luncheon, contact Mary Karten at 864-7346 or mkarten@ku.edu.


Faculty and Academic Staff retirees will be recognized at a luncheon at noon on May 23 in the Kansas Union Ballroom.  Retiree invitations will be mailed mid-April.  For more information about this luncheon, contact Debra Bia at 864-4168 or dbia@ku.edu.

Going Abroad This Summer?

When planning an international trip, the last thing you want to worry about is illness.  The Travel Clinic at Watkins Health Services offers pre-travel counseling, immunizations and health advice for students, faculty and staff that is specific to your itinerary.  Protect yourself from serious diseases by scheduling a “travel abroad appointment” at 785-864-9565.  Because several weeks may be required to complete a vaccine series, we recommend the initial appointment be held at least six to eight weeks before departure.

Digital Sign

Digital signage has come to Carruth-O’Leary hall!  The tile on the left displays HR-specific events and announcements, while the tile on the right displays announcements from across the KU campus.  Touching the blue bar at the bottom of the screen allows users to access the building directory for Carruth-O’Leary and can route users to specific people and departments in the building.

Tuition Assistance Updates

The Staff Tuition Assistance application deadline for the 2017 Summer session is Friday, April 7, 2017.  Timely submission of materials is strongly encouraged, and late applications will not be accepted.   The Tuition Assistance application may be submitted online through our secure webform.

This program is available to University Support Staff and Unclassified Professional Staff appointed to a regular, 48% or greater appointment with six months of service by the start of classes. Faculty and Academic Staff who do not have a doctorate or those with a doctorate needing a class for credit for licensure, certification or a related purpose may be eligible. Lecturers with recurring academic-year appointments also may be considered for this program. For more information regarding program guidelines go to: http://humanresources.ku.edu/tuition-assistance.

Professional development opportunities provided through the Tuition Assistance program are a high priority for the University’s support of its staff. The Provost Office is therefore pursuing funding options for the support of the tuition assistance program for Summer 2017 and beyond.

Questions may be submitted via e-mail to hrdept@ku.edu.

Emergency Contact

HRM encourages all employees to designate an Emergency Contact and to sign up for the KU Employee Emergency Notification portal page.  Access to Emergency Contacts is in HR/Pay (https://hr.ku.edu) under Self Service>Personal Information.  A convenient link to the KU Employee Emergency Notification portal page is available on the Emergency Contacts and Phone Number pages.

Vacation Leave

Reminder: Employees may earn their maximum accrual of 176 hours by the end of the 22nd payroll period (3/26/17-4/8/2017).  Employees have the potential to earn vacation leave earlier than in the past; thus, they may also stop accruing earlier than in the past.

8 hours earned each payroll period X 22 payroll periods = 176 hours

Once the maximum 2017 fiscal year accrual of 176 hours is achieved, the employee will not earn any additional vacation until the completion of the first payroll period of the new 2018 fiscal year (6/18/2017-7/1/2017).

Vacation Leave Information: humanresources.ku.edu/vacation-leave

Crops to Campus – Local Organic Produce Subscription
May – October 2016 | Two on-campus pick-up locations

May – October 2016 | Two on-campus pick-up locations


Make the most of the Kansas growing season and get more fresh vegetables in your diet with Crops to Campus!  Subscribe to 24 weeks of certified organic produce delivered directly to the Lawrence campus.


New this year! Each pick-up will feature the swap basket, enabling you to trade in items for others you want more of!


Sign up by April 15th for the 2017 growing season at https://wellness.ku.edu/csa.

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