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Accidential Death

If you die from an on-the-job accident, benefits are paid to your designated beneficiary(ies).  This benefit is in addition to your basic group life insurance and any optional group life insurance. The program is administered by KPERS and the benefit is paid for by the University.


All benefits eligible employees who participate in KPERS, KP&F or in the KBOR mandatory retirement plan » are eligible.


The cost of this benefit is covered by the University.


All eligible employees are automatically enrolled at the time they are hired.

More Information

For more information on Death Benefits, please refer to the applicable section of the KPERS website.  KPERS participants, regardless of Tier, can reference the KPERS 1 Benefits section; KBOR participants can reference the Board of Regents section; and KP&F participants can reference the KP&F Benefits section.

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