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2017 Dependent Audit

For more information on the 2017 Dependent Audit, please see the INITIAL AON HEWITT DEPENDENT AUDIT LETTER (PDF),  MAY 5, 2017 REMINDER LETTER (PDF), the Aon Hewitt Dependent Audit Email (PDF) , and the KU Dependent Audit Email (PDF) sent to faculty/staff the State Employee Health Plan indicates were randomly selected for the audit.

Faculty/staff who were subject to the Dependent Audit who did not complete the process by providing the required documentation by May 25, 2017 were sent a Notice of Termination Letter that states health insurance coverage for the dependent subject to the audit will be terminated effective June 30, 2017.  You have until June 9, 2017 to appeal the termination of coverage decision and provide the necessary documentation to validate that dependent's eligibility.  If you believe that you have received this letter in error, or that your enrolled dependents are eligible for coverage, it is imperative that you contact AON Hewitt immediately at 1-800-725-5810.

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