Empowering a Community of Excellence

2016 Employee Recognition Ceremony

Name Department Years
Bates,Kim Acad Achieve and Access Center 15.00
Tackkett,Amy Rachelle Achievement and Assessment Institute 15.00
McBride,Lisa Achievement and Assessment Institute 10.00
Hellebust,Dan Achievement and Assessment Institute 10.00
Counts,Jackie Achievement and Assessment Institute 10.00
Obadare, Oluwakemi CLAS 5.00
Joy,Mary Achievement and Assessment Institute 5.00
Reed,Nathan Achievement and Assessment Institute 5.00
Weeks,Lisa Achievement and Assessment Institute 5.00
Eberhart,Tonya Lea Achievement and Assessment Institute 5.00
Adams,Lauren Marie Achievement and Assessment Institute 5.00
Barton,Jared L Achievement and Assessment Institute 5.00
Stoltenberg,Alicia Achievement and Assessment Institute 5.00
Zeeshan Ahmed,- Achievement and Assessment Institute 5.00
Coburn,Joe Achievement and Assessment Institute 5.00
Taghavi,Ray Aerospace Engineering 25.00
Pennington,Dorthy African/African American Studies 45.00
Lang Jr,Clarence Earl African/African American Studies 5.00
Whipple,Karen A. Alumni Association 35.00
McCaffrey,Linda Alumni Association 20.00
Storey,Daniel W. Alumni Association 10.00
Doud,Laurie Alumni Association 10.00
Meseraull,Helen M Alumni Association 15.00
Harris, Teri Alumni Association 5.00
Hawkins, Heather Alumni Association 5.00
Tucker,Sherrie American Studies 15.00
Flores,Ruben American Studies 10.00
Spacek,Tanya Animal Care Unit 5.00
Hanson,Allan Anthropology 50.00
Crawford,Michael H. Anthropology 45.00
Hofman,Jack L. Anthropology 25.00
Dwyer,Arienne M. Anthropology 15.00
Radovanovic,Ivana Anthropology 15.00
Hannoum,Majid Anthropology 10.00
Nash,Carlos M Anthropology 5.00
Sherman,James A. Applied Behavioral Sciences 50.00
Trybom,Rita M Applied Behavioral Sciences 15.00
Fite,Paula J Applied Behavioral Sciences 5.00
Gasper,Doris M. Applied English Center 30.00
Coffey,Margaret Applied English Center 30.00
Byleen,Elizabeth Applied English Center 30.00
Harris,Martha J. Applied English Center 30.00
Haverkate-Ens,Dawn M. Applied English Center 25.00
Marvin,Summer Lee Applied English Center 10.00
Hirata Edds,Tracy Emiko Applied English Center 10.00
Kern,Sarah Applied English Center 10.00
Moore Buchheit,Carla S Applied English Center 5.00
Hornbaker,Jennifer L Applied English Center 5.00
Williams,Lorie Ann Applied English Center 5.00
Gould,Elizabeth J Applied English Center 5.00
Hermann,Barbara Jean Applied English Center 5.00
Englund,Donald Lavon Applied English Center 5.00
Bruce,Michelle Applied English Center 5.00
Spreckelmeyer,Kent F. Architecture Design and Planning 35.00
Criss,Shannon Renee Architecture Design and Planning 15.00
Gore,Nils Architecture Design and Planning 15.00
Eldredge,Charles C. Art History 40.00
Hettwer,Nancy E. Athletics Corporation 30.00
Bagby,Marcia Lynelle Athletics Corporation 25.00
Becker,Theresa L Athletics Corporation 10.00
Grant,Murphy D. Athletics Corporation 10.00
Krahulik,Randal Athletics Corporation 10.00
Lane,Vaunda M Athletics Corporation 10.00
Webster,Nichole L. Athletics Corporation 10.00
Banks,Douglas R Athletics Corporation 5.00
Heher,Kathleen E Athletics Corporation 5.00
Bechard,Brennan B Athletics Corporation 5.00
McCarty,Kevin Athletics Corporation 5.00
Luman,Debbie Athletics Corporation 20.00
Douglas,Diane K Athletics Corporation 15.00
Gallagher,Carie A Athletics Corporation 10.00
Tabor,Jarin Micah Athletics Corporation 5.00
Nichols,Robert J Athletics Corporation 5.00
Berra,Jaclyn M Athletics Corporation 5.00
Carbuhn, Aaron Athletics Corportation 5.00
Hopkins, Douglas Athletics Corportation 5.00
Sheridan-Young, Patricia Athletics Corportation 5.00
Zenger, Sheahon Athletics Corportation 5.00
Kuhn, Laura Athletics Corportation 5.00
Gilbert, John Athletics Corportation 5.00
Schlosser, Timothy Athletics Corportation 5.00
Gurley, Gregory Athletics Corportation 5.00
Cain Jr, Glenn Athletics Corportation 5.00
Fulton, Widger Mary Athletics Corportation 5.00
Price Jr, Ritchie L Athletics Corportation 5.00
Sanchez Oneill, Zachary Athletics Corportation 5.00
Kincaid,H. Steve Audio Reader 30.00
McCoy,George K. Audio Reader 10.00
Vieglais,David Andrew Biodiversity Institute 20.00
Noble Jr,Timothy G. Biodiversity Institute 20.00
Bentley,Andrew Charles Biodiversity Institute 15.00
Mayse,Denise Biodiversity Institute 15.00
Schlenker,Lori Bryn Biodiversity Institute 15.00
Thomas,Jennifer C. Biodiversity Institute 10.00
Grady,C J Biodiversity Institute 10.00
Archibald,Jenny K Biodiversity Institute 10.00
Cavner,Jeffrey Allen Biodiversity Institute 5.00
Lampe,Bekkah Biodiversity Institute 5.00
Anhalt,Benjamin J Biodiversity Institute 5.00
Black,Elizabeth D Biodiversity Institute 5.00
Thapa Chetri,Prem Singh Biomedical Services Lab 5.00
Heine,Lanaea L Biotech Innov & Optim Center 20.00
McGuinness,William Biotech Innov & Optim Center 15.00
LaDuke,Sherilyn Bureau of Child Research 35.00
Schultz,Jerry A. Bureau of Child Research 30.00
Salyers,P. Diane Bureau of Child Research 25.00
Skill,Diana M. Bureau of Child Research 25.00
Martinez,Martha I Bureau of Child Research 15.00
Muehe,Christine Bureau of Child Research 15.00
Kampfer,Michelle A. Bureau of Child Research 15.00
Wills,Howard P Bureau of Child Research 15.00
McCart,Amy Bureau of Child Research 15.00
Higgins,Susan Bureau of Child Research 15.00
Peterson,Vonnie Bureau of Child Research 10.00
Cheung,Raymond Bureau of Child Research 10.00
Nary,Dot Bureau of Child Research 10.00
Landry,Sarah Terrebonne Bureau of Child Research 10.00
Fleming,April M Bureau of Child Research 5.00
Blake,Patricia Ann Bureau of Child Research 5.00
Millin,Jacqueline Lee Bureau of Child Research 5.00
Rathmel,Christopher John Bureau of Child Research 5.00
Foat,Andrew J Business and Financial Planning 5.00
Ford,Allen Business School 40.00
Ash,Ronald A. Business School 35.00
Leroux-Smith,Lisa Business School 20.00
Lewis,William E.  Business School 20.00
Welch,Kelly D. Business School 15.00
Strumpf,Koleman Business School 10.00
Chen,Andrew Business School 10.00
Katz,Will Business School 10.00
Hall,Art Business School 10.00
Sweeney,John T Business School 5.00
Akbas,Ferhat Business School 5.00
Masli,Adi Business School 5.00
Arikan,Mazhar Business School 5.00
Tritch,Charlotte Renee Business School 5.00
Bendapudi,Venkat Business School 5.00
Augelli,Bob Business School 15.00
Fitchett,Janalee Business School 5.00
McKenzie,Jessica Business School Administration 10.00
Muther,Kelly Watson Business School Administration 10.00
Bendapudi,Neelima Murthy Business School Administration 5.00
McCaffrey,Patricia Business School Administration 5.00
Falley,Austin Business School Administration 5.00
Hamilton,Anne Elise Business School Administration 5.00
Cooper,Carol A. Campus Operations 30.00
Abney-Klohr,Janice E Campus Operations 20.00
Wheeler,Joshua J. Campus Operations 15.00
Harding,Shawn Campus Operations 5.00
Wittner,Melissa Campus Operations 5.00
Kramer,Debbie CAO SSC 35.00
Rials,Sheila A. CAO SSC 25.00
Gerdes,Linda CAO SSC 25.00
Young,Carla CAO SSC 15.00
Gillahan,Sara CAO SSC 5.00
Vigna,Rachelle CAO SSC 5.00
Berg,Nina CAO SSC 5.00
Druen,Kristine Michele CAO SSC 5.00
Wroczynski,Caroline Robin CAO SSC 5.00
Buselt,Eric CED Marketing and Communications 10.00
Loats,Julie M Center for online and Distance Learning 20.00
Urata,Toshiyuki Center for online and Distance Learning 15.00
Hall,Jean P Center for Research on Learning 20.00
Graner,Patricia Sampson Center for Research on Learning 10.00
Gaumer Erickson,Amy Center for Research on Learning 10.00
Eddy,Judith Ann Center for Teaching Excellence 25.00
Rice,Butch Center Operations and Maintenance 20.00
Lister,Ryan K. Center Operations and Maintenance 15.00
Parker,Richard D. Center Operations and Maintenance 15.00
Lang,Michael F. Center Operations and Maintenance 15.00
Tabor,David J Center Operations and Maintenance 15.00
Terry,Kenneth Charles Center Operations and Maintenance 15.00
Spillman,Christina S. Center Operations and Maintenance 15.00
Gilges,Brad F. Center Operations and Maintenance 15.00
Haug,Thane L. Center Operations and Maintenance 15.00
Barnhardt,William Harvey Center Operations and Maintenance 10.00
Emmons,Kim M Center Operations and Maintenance 10.00
Gilges,Brian R Center Operations and Maintenance 10.00
Stalcup,Patrick Nelson Center Operations and Maintenance 10.00
Strahley,Donald R Center Operations and Maintenance 5.00
Mills,Robert Leroy Center Operations and Maintenance 5.00
Coleman,Michael D Center Operations and Maintenance 5.00
Wallace,Ronald Dewayne Center Operations and Maintenance 5.00
Roberts,Kody D Center Operations and Maintenance 5.00
Volk Jr,Conrad W Center Operations and Maintenance 5.00
Elkins,Wendy Darlene Center STEM 5.00
Burg,Mary Gardner Chancellor's Office 20.00
Bia,Debra Ann Chancellor's Office 15.00
Vossoughi,Shapour Chemical and Petroleum Engineering 40.00
Shew,Teresa Dawn Chemical and Petroleum Engineering 5.00
Michael,Danny L. Chemistry 35.00
Hanson,Paul R Chemistry 20.00
Malinakova,Helena C Chemistry 15.00
Barybin,Mikhail Viktorvich Chemistry 15.00
Witte,Travis Chemistry 5.00
Thomas,Sara Chemistry 5.00
Lane,Dennis D. Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering 40.00
Parr,Alfred D. Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering 35.00
Solwa,Reta M. Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering 25.00
Bennett,Caroline Rose Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering 10.00
Peltier,Edward F Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering 10.00
Schrock,Steven D Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering 10.00
O'Reilly,Matt Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering 5.00
Haufler,Marsha Smith CLAS 25.00
Kelton,Paul T CLAS 15.00
Bradley,Bridget A. CLAS 15.00
Kelly,Darla CLAS 10.00
Pierce,Anna CLAS 5.00
Swartzlander,Morgan CLAS 5.00
Cole,Maureen CLAS 5.00
Cook,Karen CLAS 5.00
Valk,Jean Wright Classics 30.00
Corbeill,Anthony Philip Classics 25.00
Harris,Scott L. Communication Studies 25.00
Grachek,Suzanne M Communication Studies 20.00
Childers,Jay Communication Studies 10.00
Mears,Janet Comptroller 30.00
Spellman,Kristen Comptroller 5.00
Schwartz,Kristie Renee Comptroller 5.00
Gillespie,Colette R Comptroller 5.00
Kramps,Christine Ellen Comptroller 5.00
Atkinson,Jeanette Comptroller 5.00
Park,Soohyung Computational Biology 5.00
Willis,Sheree W. Confucius Institute 15.00
Gredlics,Zachary J Continuing Education 10.00
Nelson,Robin Denise Continuing Education 5.00
Keeler,Linda L. Counseling/Psych Services 40.00
Botts,Pamela J. Counseling/Psych Services 25.00
Espinosa,Nancy J Counseling/Psych Services 15.00
Wechselblatt,Tracy E Counseling/Psych Services 10.00
Booth,Kimberly Gaye CPS SSC 25.00
Farmer,Judy CPS SSC 25.00
Thompson,Kristi CPS SSC 15.00
Brooke,Lene Carttar CPS SSC 15.00
Barton,Jo Eis CPS SSC 10.00
Anderson,Andy CPS SSC 5.00
Li,Jilu Cresis 5.00
Schwegler,Amanda K Ctr Civic & Soc Responsibility 10.00
Zuo,Xiaobin Ctr Enviro Beneficial Catalysis 15.00
Bode,Claudia Janelle Ctr Enviro Beneficial Catalysis 15.00
McKnight, Philip Curriculum & Teaching 45.00
Gay,Aleda S. Curriculum and Teaching 25.00
Phipps,Barbara J. Curriculum and Teaching 25.00
Peter,Lizette Curriculum and Teaching 15.00
Cho,Hyesun Curriculum and Teaching 5.00
Lenoir,William Dance 15.00
Shellhorn,Jeremy Scott Design 10.00
Darby,Del B Design 5.00
Hossler,Timothy J Design 5.00
Benke,Russell Pace Design and Construction Management 25.00
Ellsworth,Phillip J. Design and Construction Management 25.00
Leonard,Kenny Design and Construction Management 10.00
Graves,Paul J R Design and Construction Management 5.00
Mahoney,Margaret Dole Institute of Politics 10.00
Mitsugi,Sanako East Asian Languages and Cultures 5.00
Lee,Ji Yeon East Asian Languages and Cultures 5.00
Jander,Rudolf Ecology and Evoluationary Biology 45.00
Timm,Robert Mark Ecology and Evoluationary Biology 30.00
Smith,Deborah Ecology and Evoluationary Biology 25.00
Thorp,James H Ecology and Evoluationary Biology 15.00
Mort,Mark E Ecology and Evoluationary Biology 15.00
Cregg,Scott A. Ecology and Evoluationary Biology 15.00
Moyle,Rob Ecology and Evoluationary Biology 10.00
Sicilian,Joseph Economics 40.00
Wales,Leanea C. Economics 35.00
Zhang,Jianbo Economics 25.00
Reynolds,Belinda S Education 20.00
Busard,AJ Education 5.00
Heath,Sonja Education 5.00
Lowe,Patricia A Educational Psychology 15.00
Kingston,Neal Educational Psychology 10.00
Duan,Changming Educational Psychology 5.00
Browning,Lisa Marie Edwards Campus 10.00
Dykmann,Mary E Edwards Campus 5.00
Minden,Gary J. Elecetrical Engineering and Computer Science 35.00
Berner,JoAnn E. Elecetrical Engineering and Computer Science 30.00
Kong,Man Cheong Elecetrical Engineering and Computer Science 30.00
Stiles,James Marion Elecetrical Engineering and Computer Science 20.00
Huan,Luke Elecetrical Engineering and Computer Science 10.00
Leuschen,Carl Elecetrical Engineering and Computer Science 10.00
McCarville,Danielle Elecetrical Engineering and Computer Science 5.00
Li,Fengjun Elecetrical Engineering and Computer Science 5.00
Liu,Lingjia Elecetrical Engineering and Computer Science 5.00
Rose-Mockry,Katherine G Emily Taylor Center 20.00
Johnson,Cathy J Engineering 25.00
Grove,Heidie Nichole Engineering 10.00
Calixte,Craig Engineering 5.00
Hawkins,Dawn Engineering 5.00
Miller,Linda Eileen Engineering Project Management 20.00
Mozaffar,Parveen Engineering Project Management 15.00
Hayes,Michelle Ginavan Engineering, Technology, & Environment SSC 15.00
Lorenz,Thomas D. English 30.00
Daldorph,Brian J. English 25.00
Neill,Anna English 20.00
Elliott,Dorice W English 20.00
Rowland,Ann Wierda English 10.00
Fitzgerald,Stephanie English 10.00
Outka,Paul English 5.00
Lamb,Jonathan English 5.00
Johnson,Kij Bergdis English 5.00
Fowle,David Allan Enivronmental Studies 10.00
McDow,Brian D Enrollment Management 10.00
Lemon,Michael R. Environmental Health and Safety 35.00
Loeb,Stanford L. Environmental Health and Safety 25.00
Hatfield,Ruthie ESB SSC 30.00
Mellen,Michelle C ESB SSC 5.00
Conrad,Karla Marie Film and Media Studies 15.00
Hurst,Robert R Film and Media Studies 10.00
Halegoua,Germain R Film and Media Studies 5.00
Wilkinson,Cathleen Financial Aid and Scholarships 15.00
Wiesner,Renee R Financial Aid and Scholarships 15.00
Burkett,Sean Michael Financial Aid and Scholarships 5.00
Wagner,Cheryl A. Fire serv 35.00
Miles,Todd Fire serv 10.00
Hayes,E. Bruce French and Italian 15.00
Fierro,Elisa French and Italian 5.00
Ferrara,Massimo French and Italian 5.00
McClaskey II,Gerald D FS Administration 5.00
Price,Guy C FS Administration 5.00
Wood,Tommy L FS Administration 5.00
Davis,Gloria J. FS Custodial 35.00
Simmons,Janice E. FS Custodial 25.00
Patton,Brian K. FS Custodial 25.00
Long III,Walter FS Custodial 15.00
Steffe,Steven David FS Custodial 10.00
Prescott,Crystal FS Custodial 10.00
Brown,Jessica Janel FS Custodial 10.00
Hall,Darlene FS Custodial 10.00
Dean,Luz Angelica FS Custodial 10.00
Sleeper,Dale E FS Custodial 5.00
Zuehlsdorf,Shawn W FS Custodial 5.00
Rendall,Douglas M FS Custodial 5.00
Green,Tim FS Custodial 5.00
Wegenka,Greg FS Custodial 5.00
Henderson,Karen Sue FS Custodial 5.00
Company-Voth,Miguel FS Custodial 5.00
Haines,Colt FS Custodial 5.00
Bowman,Danny FS Custodial 5.00
Wilk,Thomas Stephen FS Custodial 5.00
Martinez,Michael Angelo FS Custodial 5.00
Haro Calderon,Indalecio FS Custodial 5.00
Bateson,Kenneth L. FS Zone Maintenance 30.00
Gottstein,Steven Lee FS Zone Maintenance 25.00
Haskell,Mark FS Zone Maintenance 20.00
White,Rory Lee FS Zone Maintenance 15.00
Henley,Delmar D FS Zone Maintenance 15.00
Mole,Johnnie Leroy FS Zone Maintenance 15.00
Busch,Daniel Charles FS Zone Maintenance 10.00
Black,Kevin Lewis FS Zone Maintenance 10.00
Bignall,Alan Wayne FS Zone Maintenance 10.00
Gonering,Andrew David FS Zone Maintenance 10.00
Fennewald,Alan FS Zone Maintenance 10.00
Gutierrez,Paul David FS Zone Maintenance 10.00
Hackathorn,Josh FS Zone Maintenance 10.00
Pearson,Russell P FS Zone Maintenance 5.00
Harris,Duglas Jay FS Zone Maintenance 5.00
Barton,Holden FS Zone Maintenance 5.00
Rule,Marshall Ray FS Zone Maintenance 5.00
Beall,Ray FS Zone Maintenance 5.00
Brown,Michael FS Zone Maintenance 5.00
McMillen,Toni General Counsel's Office 10.00
Leitch,Michael General Counsel's Office 5.00
Grunewald,Kimberly Michele General Counsel's Office 5.00
Shortridge,James R. Geography 45.00
Vanderveen,Cornelis J Geography 10.00
Diener,Alexander C Geography 5.00
Kamola,Diane Lisa Geology 20.00
Devlin,John Frederick Geology 15.00
Roberts,Jennifer Ann Geology 15.00
Hasiotis,Stephen Tom Geology 15.00
Ash,Jason Michael Geology 10.00
Marx,Leonie A. Germanic Languages 40.00
Weis,Andrea Germanic Languages 10.00
Roberts,Michael C. Graduate Studies 25.00
Shriner,Holly Graduate Studies 5.00
Denning,G Mike Graduate Studies 5.00
Rahder,Bobbi Jo Hall Center for Humanities 5.00
Simmons,Samantha B Hall Center for Humanities 5.00
Johnson,Stephanie Ann Hall Center for Humanities 5.00
Flaig,Michael L. Health Sport and Exercise Science 30.00
Herda,Trent J Health Sport and Exercise Science 5.00
Koen,Yakov Mikhailovich Higuchi Biosciences Center 20.00
Sandberg,Shelley K. Higuchi Biosciences Center 20.00
Bush,Cady A Higuchi Biosciences Center 10.00
Rane,Digamber Higuchi Biosciences Center 5.00
Lee,Huisun Higuchi Biosciences Center 5.00
Koteswara Rao,Valasani Higuchi Biosciences Center 5.00
Lan,Lan Higuchi Biosciences Center 5.00
Loch,Angela M Higuchi Biosciences Center 5.00
Hackett,Jennifer Leigh Higuchi Biosciences Center 5.00
Vinduska,Maggie Marlene Hilltop Child Development Ctr 5.00
Kuznesof,Elizabeth History 40.00
Clark,Katherine R. P. History 20.00
Finucane,Adrian History 5.00
Schwaller,Robert C History 5.00
Roe,Staci Jill Housing 10.00
Elms,Aaron Housing 5.00
Lollis,Sandra K Housing 5.00
Nitcher,Cindy Human Resources 35.00
Osborn,Terri Human Resources 35.00
Tomei,Judy Human Resources 35.00
Jin,Daniel Human Resources 5.00
Umscheid,Sherry Information Technology 35.00
Ermey,Randall V. Information Technology 30.00
Weeks,Linda K. Information Technology 30.00
Rupprecht,James R. Information Technology 25.00
Gutknecht IV,Frederic J. Information Technology 25.00
Bond,Edith Information Technology 25.00
Day,Jeff Information Technology 15.00
Yang,Yang Information Technology 15.00
Timberlake,Robert D Information Technology 15.00
Spuzello,Scott Steven Information Technology 15.00
Sanchez,Nancy B. Information Technology 15.00
Hageman,David R. Information Technology 15.00
Cherry,Douglas Reed Information Technology 15.00
Ferguson,Daniel C Information Technology 15.00
Wilmington,James A Information Technology 10.00
Wessel,Lance J Information Technology 10.00
LaPointe,Chuck Information Technology 10.00
DeBoard,Jeremy Allen Information Technology 10.00
Kitchen,Todd Information Technology 10.00
Cook,Matthew N Information Technology 10.00
Dahlberg,Steve Information Technology 10.00
Graham,Justin L Information Technology 10.00
Kofford,C. Todd Information Technology 10.00
Clune,John Information Technology 10.00
Bice,Les Information Technology 10.00
Smith,Gregory D. Information Technology 10.00
Espinosa,Paul Information Technology 5.00
Rankin,Brad S Information Technology 5.00
Jeter,Chris Information Technology 5.00
Rinnert,Stacey Information Technology 5.00
Adee,John M Information Technology 5.00
Yu,Kevin Information Technology 5.00
Van Allen,Doug Information Technology 5.00
Dover,Kristoffer Information Technology 5.00
Johannes,Suzie Information Technology 5.00
Walker,Matt Information Technology 5.00
Bouck,Jim C Information Technology 5.00
Schott,Matt Information Technology 5.00
Haid,Patricia Ann Information Technology 5.00
Braun,Adam David Information Technology 5.00
Anderson,Cara Nossaman Information Technology 5.00
Bauer,Aloysius A Information Technology 5.00
Hoyle,Larry Inst for Policy and Social Research 35.00
Oslund,Patricia C. Inst for Policy and Social Research 30.00
Mercer,Susan M. Inst for Policy and Social Research 20.00
Myers,Nancy Cayton Inst for Policy and Social Research 15.00
Parker,Natalie Carole Harthcoc Inst for Policy and Social Research 10.00
Weller,Travis J Inst for Policy and Social Research 5.00
Bartels,Roger A. Intercollegiate Athletics 25.00
Luther,Ross Duane Intercollegiate Athletics 15.00
Doty,Mitch Intercollegiate Athletics 10.00
Womack,Jamie Intercollegiate Athletics 5.00
Packer,Melvin R Intercollegiate Athletics 5.00
Zenger,Sheahon Intercollegiate Athletics 5.00
Watkins,Alison International Programs 15.00
Potts,Joe D International Programs 15.00
Vanahill,Lynne International Student Services 20.00
Sweat,Steven M International Student Services 5.00
McCarthy,Dan Journalism Administration 10.00
MacGonagle,Elizabeth Lee Kansas African Studies Center 15.00
Whistler,Jerry L. Kansas Biological Survey 30.00
Egbert,Stephen Kansas Biological Survey 20.00
Szuwalski,Paula A Kansas Biological Survey 15.00
Bennett,LeeAnn Kansas Biological Survey 15.00
Ryan,Ann E Kansas Biological Survey 10.00
Sheldon,Kathleen A. Kansas Geological Survey 40.00
Watney,W. Lynn Kansas Geological Survey 40.00
Butler,James J.,Jr. Kansas Geological Survey 30.00
Moore,Pat Kansas Geological Survey 30.00
Neighbors,Michael Karl Kansas Geological Survey 25.00
Adkins-Heljeson,Dana Kansas Geological Survey 25.00
Battles,Eileen Renee Kansas Geological Survey 20.00
Victorine,John Richard Kansas Geological Survey 15.00
Killion,Mike Kansas Geological Survey 15.00
Tingle,Rhonda J Kansas Geological Survey 15.00
Saving,Shawn C Kansas Geological Survey 10.00
Dealy,Mike Kansas Geological Survey 10.00
Liu,Gaisheng Kansas Geological Survey 10.00
Stevens,Jonelle Desiree Kansas Geological Survey 5.00
Fazelalavi,Mina Kansas Geological Survey 5.00
Smith,Jeffrey Eugene Kansas Public Radio 15.00
Banman,Nicole Kansas Public Radio 10.00
Graham,Mary Ann KU Card Center 25.00
Schafer,Tracey KU Memorial Unions 35.00
Lara,Bobbi KU Memorial Unions 30.00
Stultz,Alecia Lou KU Memorial Unions 10.00
Jessee,Aaron Michael KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Bradley,Kaprelle Blu KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Campbell,David Scot KU Memorial Unions 5.00
McDonnell,Alison Lawson KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Haydu,Suzanne KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Chinn,Harry KU Memorial Unions 15.00
OToole-Curran,Janette J KU Memorial Unions 10.00
Wilson,Jamie Lee KU Memorial Unions 10.00
Ernzen, Nicholas KU Memorial Unions 15.00
Ranney, David KU Memorial Unions 10.00
Jaquays, Amanda KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Medved, Thomas KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Beatty, Nicole KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Nuss, Sandy KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Hair, Margaret KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Gunter, Tommy KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Hill, Benjamin KU Memorial Unions 5.00
Krings,Michael J KU News Service 10.00
Mai,Crystal M. Law Administration 20.00
Krambeer,Nicole M Law Administration 5.00
Freedman,Steven Law Administration 5.00
Webster,Lisa Law Enforcement Training Center 15.00
Beck,Darin L Law Enforcement Training Center 15.00
Fulks,Ian Law Enforcement Training Center 10.00
Elston,Jeffrey D Law Enforcement Training Center 10.00
Buller,Heather Law Enforcement Training Center 5.00
Brownrigg,Scot D Law Enforcement Training Center 5.00
White,Joshua L Law Enforcement Training Center 5.00
Yocam,Brian Law Enforcement Training Center 5.00
Montgomery,Jeff Law Library 35.00
Stacy,Thomas G. Law School 30.00
Farmer,Lori D. Law School 25.00
Phillips,Jean Kathryn Gilles Law School 20.00
Rosenberg,Joyce Rebecca Law School 10.00
Outka,Uma Law School 5.00
Huggins,Yolanda L Law School 5.00
Hayden,Chelsi K Law School 5.00
Hardesty,Jo Legal Services for Students 30.00
Haines,Sally Libraries 50.00
Larsen,Nancy L. Libraries 40.00
Coburn,Bruce Libraries 35.00
Owens,Brenda J Libraries 35.00
Gillespie,E. Gaele Libraries 35.00
Schulte,Rebecca A Libraries 35.00
Dandridge,Deborah Louise Libraries 30.00
Hoyt,Jane I Libraries 30.00
Leon,Lars Libraries 30.00
Emde,Judith Z Libraries 30.00
Gottstein,Terri Libraries 25.00
Richey,Jim Libraries 25.00
Wolz,Lyn Libraries 20.00
Devlin,Frances Libraries 15.00
Riley,Sharon M. Libraries 15.00
Albin,Tami A Libraries 15.00
Thiel,Sarah Goodwin Libraries 15.00
Swartz,Ryan D Libraries 15.00
Rosenblum,Brian Lee Libraries 10.00
Engelbert,Brad Libraries 10.00
Dickey,Erika Libraries 10.00
Horkman,Jeromy W. Libraries 10.00
Back,Andi Libraries 5.00
Healey,Elspeth E Libraries 5.00
Choromanska,Ela Libraries-General 25.00
Glynn,Jeri Lied Center 25.00
Berendsen,Michele Amina Lied Center 5.00
Pye,Clifton L. Linguistics 30.00
Fiorentino Jr,Robert Dominic Linguistics 10.00
Barthell,Frank Marketing and Communications 35.00
Graber,Debra R. Marketing and Communications 30.00
Lee,Andrew R Marketing and Communications 5.00
Alexander,Melody J Marketing and Communications 5.00
Porter,Jack R. Math 50.00
Prothe,Gloria J. Math 35.00
Feng,Jin Math 10.00
Shao,Shuanglin Math 5.00
Wang,Ming Math 5.00
Johnson,Mat Math 5.00
Niknejad,Jila Math 5.00
Luchies,Carl W. Mechanical Engineering 20.00
Wilson,Sara E Mechanical Engineering 15.00
Friis,Elizabeth A. Mechanical Engineering 15.00
Kieweg,Sarah Louise Mechanical Engineering 10.00
Grunewald,Gary L. Medicinal Chemistry 50.00
Hanzlik,Robert P. Medicinal Chemistry 45.00
Altman,Ryan Alan Medicinal Chemistry 5.00
Wu,Judy Medicinal Chemistry 5.00
Dentler Jr,William L Molecular Biosciences 40.00
Wiley,Linda J.B. Molecular Biosciences 30.00
Tang,Liang Molecular Biosciences 10.00
Macdonald,Stuart Molecular Biosciences 10.00
Zhao,Hai Yan Molecular Biosciences 10.00
Hefty,Scott Molecular Biosciences 10.00
Ratzlaff,Kenneth L. Molecular Graphic/Mode Lab 35.00
Neuenswander,Sarah Ann Molecular Graphic/Mode Lab 15.00
Gomez Montoya,Mauricio Multi Cultural Affairs 5.00
Stephens,John A. Music 35.00
Watson,Scott C. Music 35.00
Elmer,Lois L. Music 30.00
Mendez Jr,Genaro Music 15.00
Castle,Joyce Music 15.00
Haaheim,Bryan Kip Music 15.00
Murphy,Scott Brandon Music 15.00
Schwartz,Roberta Freund Music 15.00
Pierce,Forrest Music 10.00
Smith,Matthew O Music 5.00
Dakon,Jacob Michael Music 5.00
Krapcha,Elisa Marie Office of Admissions 10.00
Roberts,Jeff Office of Admissions 5.00
Kerr,Linda S. Office of Research 30.00
Torres,Rodolfo H Office of Research 20.00
Schaller,Karen Marie Office of Research 20.00
Watkins,Tracie Office of Research 15.00
Jeffress,William Scott Office of Research 15.00
Dupuis,Sylvia M Office of Research 15.00
Kopsa,Teresa A Office of Research 15.00
Teel,Kevin L Office of Research 10.00
Reed,Alicia Maxxanne Office of Research 10.00
Fincher,Maile Office of Research 10.00
Blocker,Michael Office of Research 5.00
Seward Nagel,Julie Rebecca Office of Research 5.00
Luther,John Office of Research 5.00
Thapa,Jhunu Office of Research 5.00
Lewis,Heidi Elaine Office of Research 5.00
Hannon,Sandra J. OIRP 25.00
Bohling,Gwen G. OIRP 25.00
Hultine,Donna R. Parking and Transit 35.00
Kaiser,Danny Parking and Transit 30.00
Johnson,Sheila R. Parking and Transit 25.00
Harrell,Brad Parking and Transit 10.00
Goble,Dana PBR SSC 35.00
Siahaan,Teruna J. Pharmaceutical Chemistry 25.00
Brooks,Nicole Annette Pharmaceutical Chemistry 15.00
Whaley,Rebecca Sharon Pharmaceutical Chemistry 15.00
Kumru,Ozan S Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5.00
Wang,Zhuo Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5.00
Tolbert,Thomas J Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5.00
Yang,Sihyung Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5.00
Hickey,John Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5.00
Dobrowsky,Rick Thomas Pharmacy and Toxicology 20.00
Staudinger,Jeffrey Leonard Pharmacy and Toxicology 15.00
Yan,Shirley ShiDu Pharmacy and Toxicology 5.00
Kleoppel,James W Pharmacy Practice 35.00
Dodson,Kimberly Pharmacy Practice 5.00
Tuozzo,Thomas M. Philosphy 25.00
Melott,Adrian L. Physics and Astronomy 30.00
Shi,Jack J Physics and Astronomy 20.00
Wilson,Graham Wallace Physics and Astronomy 15.00
Rennells,Kristin Physics and Astronomy 15.00
Stringer,Robert W Physics and Astronomy 5.00
Doan,Alesha Political Science 10.00
Albertson,Michelle Procurement 15.00
Thompson,David S Procurement 10.00
Bellucci,Julie Procurement 5.00
Beattie,Richard Procurement 5.00
Miles,Nancy L. Provost Office 35.00
Thompson,Maria S. Provost Office 30.00
Ryan,Mary E. Provost Office 25.00
Rosen,Sara Thomas Provost Office 25.00
Gavosto,Estela A Provost Office 20.00
Luckey,Linda L. Provost Office 20.00
Hummels,Jill A. Provost Office 15.00
Melvin,Matt Provost Office 5.00
Lim,Bob Provost Office 5.00
Vitevitch,Michael S Psychology 15.00
Gillath,Omri Yosef Psychology 10.00
Chrysikou,Evangelia G Psychology 5.00
Ramey,Christopher H Psychology 5.00
Bridges,Wendy Marie Public Affairs 10.00
Caboni,Timothy C Public Affairs 5.00
Monaco,Joseph F Public Affairs 5.00
Linzer,Robert J. Public Safety 25.00
Nicholson,Gaye Elaine Public Safety 15.00
Felbush,Jason L Public Safety 15.00
Dietz,John W Public Safety 15.00
Tucker,Damon Public Safety 15.00
McCall,Brent Public Safety 10.00
Tomasich,Andrew Public Safety 10.00
Lorentz,Joel Public Safety 10.00
Blevins,Robert Jeffrey Public Safety 10.00
Campbell Jr,Jack Martin Public Safety 10.00
Urkoski,Jill A Recreation Services 15.00
Shaw,Susanne School of Journalism 45.00
Linville,Denise School of Journalism 30.00
Guth,David W. School of Journalism 25.00
Cruickshank,Cade O. School of Journalism 20.00
Geana,Mugur V School of Journalism 10.00
Lee,Tien-Tsung School of Journalism 10.00
Bobkowski,Piotr Szymon School of Journalism 5.00
Seo,Hyunjin School of Journalism 5.00
Whaley,Anthony School of Journalism 5.00
Greenwood,Sarah B School of Lang Lit and Cultures 10.00
Audus,Kenneth L. School of Pharmacy 30.00
Hotchkiss,Gene School of Pharmacy 30.00
Maynard-Moody,Steven School of Public Affairs and Admin 35.00
Goodyear,Marilu School of Public Affairs and Admin 20.00
Epp,Charles R School of Public Affairs and Admin 20.00
Daley,Dorothy Marie School of Public Affairs and Admin 15.00
Koslowsky,Diana R School of Public Affairs and Admin 15.00
Rasor,Noel Marie School of Public Affairs and Admin 10.00
Vassileva-Karagyozova,Svetlana Slavic Languages 10.00
Kokobobo,Ani Slavic Languages 5.00
Gillaspie,Angel Social Welfare Administration 20.00
Trendel,Kristin A. Social Welfare Administration 20.00
Rachlin,Roxanne Social Welfare Administration 20.00
Adams,Deborah Dorene Social Welfare Administration 20.00
Severson,Margaret E Social Welfare Administration 20.00
Davis,Sharah A Social Welfare Administration 15.00
Scanlon,Edward Thomas Social Welfare Administration 15.00
Johnson Motoyama,Michelle Social Welfare Administration 5.00
Elliott,William III Social Welfare Administration 5.00
Accurso,Catherine M Social Welfare Administration 5.00
Marsh,Jennie Social Welfare Administration 5.00
Antonio,Robert J. Sociology 45.00
Hill,Shirley A. Sociology 25.00
Donovan,Brian L. Sociology 15.00
Williams,Janelle Nicole Sociology 10.00
LaPierre,Tracey Anne Sociology 10.00
Obadare,Ebenezer Babatunde Sociology 10.00
Mayhew,Jonathan E Spanish and Portuguese 20.00
Manning,Patricia W Spanish and Portuguese 15.00
Pollock,Dovis Bravo Spanish and Portuguese 10.00
Pollock,Dovis Bravo Spanish and Portuguese 10.00
Skrtic,Tom Special Education 40.00
Elford,Martha Special Education 10.00
Basham,James D Special Education 5.00
Cheatham,Gregory Special Education 5.00
Simonsen,Monica Lynn Special Education 5.00
Hare-Schriner,Sally A Special Education 5.00
Storkel,Holly Speech Language and Hearing 15.00
Kokkinakis,Kostas Speech Language and Hearing 5.00
Dreiling,Janet K. Spencer Art Museum 40.00
Earle,Susan E. Spencer Art Museum 20.00
Bergstrom,Doug Spencer Art Museum 10.00
Brashler,Cathy Spencer Art Museum 5.00
Waggoner,Ryan Cole Spencer Art Museum 5.00
Swart,Gregory R SSC Administration 10.00
Hamm,Lindsay Elaine Student Affairs 5.00
Ugalde,Zaida M. Study Abroad 20.00
Perryman,Angela Study Abroad 10.00
Keyser,Mari Lynn Study Abroad 5.00
Tsau,Jyun Syung Tertiary Oil Recovery Program 15.00
Hummel,Karen S. Theatre 25.00
Wanner,David W Theatre 20.00
Bohmann,Kim Theatre 15.00
Dick,Jim Theatre 5.00
Givechi,Mehrdad Transportation Research Center 25.00
Crosby,Paul Jefferson Undergraduate Advising Center 20.00
Hartley,Dannah J Undergraduate Advising Center 5.00
Burg,Greg Undergraduate Biology Program 20.00
Krueger,Patricia Anne Undergraduate Biology Program 15.00
Morgan,Dyan Undergraduate Research 5.00
Brinkman,Kirk W. Union Dining 35.00
Cross,Karen Esther Union Dining 15.00
Wilburn,Wayman Warren Union Dining 15.00
Cromwell,Patricia K. University Daily Kansan 25.00
Reed,Kathy University Governance 20.00
White,Sara Henderson University Press 35.00
Briggs,Michael J. University Press 30.00
O'Bryon,Kim University Registrar 35.00
Bray,Carol J. University Registrar 30.00
Harvey,Cynthia Marie University Registrar 5.00
Johnson,Bonnie J Urban Planning 10.00
Dunning,Anne Urban Planning 5.00
Swindell,Jon Keith Visual Art 30.00
Jordan,Mary Anne Visual Art 30.00
Nam,Yoonmi Visual Art 15.00
Brown,Garrett C Visual Art 5.00
Meinecke,Joseph E Visual Art 5.00
Loudon,Karen L. Watkins Health Services 30.00
McKelvey,Susan K. Watkins Health Services 30.00
Strother,Myra Louise Watkins Health Services 25.00
Guth,Kathy Jan Watkins Health Services 25.00
Bagwell,Jacque R. Watkins Health Services 25.00
Luckeroth,Leah Watkins Health Services 25.00
Quinlan,Patty Watkins Health Services 25.00
Rogers,Bernadette Watkins Health Services 20.00
Guinn,Tamara A Watkins Health Services 15.00
Todd,Rebecca Lynn Watkins Health Services 10.00
Big Eagle,Amy Watkins Health Services 10.00
Craft,Betsy Watkins Health Services 10.00
Bertsch,Brenda Watkins Health Services 10.00
Stanclift,Jean Pearson Watkins Health Services 10.00
Stump,Christopher M Watkins Health Services 5.00
Cox,Jodi Watkins Health Services 5.00


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