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2015 Staff Leadership Summit Presentations & Resources

Join us at the summit

Save the Date for KU's Fifth Annual Staff Leadership Summit:  Your Place at the Table

Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 | Kansas Union | Complete Agenda (PDF)

WELCOME  -  Woodruff Auditorium, Level 5              

Mike Rounds, Associate Vice Provost for Human Resource Management   

KEYNOTE SPEAKER  -  Woodruff Auditorium, Level 5              

Nate Thomas, Vice Provost for Diversity



Introduction to Tai Chi
Amber Watts Hall

Making room on your plate: Time and email management tips and tricks
Tennille Fincham & Suzie Johannes

Presentation Materials: Email Management Tips and Tricks and Keyboard Shortcuts

Building your personal brand
Tim Caboni

Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less

Mike Rounds & Stacy Walters

Presentation Materials: Essentialism

The workplace is changing...are you?
J.J. O’Toole-Curran & Michelle Compton              

Presentation Materials: The Workplace Is Changing

Group strengths coaching: Holding strengths conversations at work
Crystal Nevins

Presentation Materials: Group Strengths Coaching and Strengths Profile

The role of mentoring in managing your career
Linda Lucky & Sharon Riley

Presentation Materials: Mentoring & Mentoring Resources

Project management basics
Jami Jones

Presentation Materials: Project Management Basics

Cultural competency: Is it a level of consciousness or just (plain ol’) common sense?    
Tamara Baker

Presentation Materials: Cultural Competency

Social justice 101
Precious Porras

Presentation Materials: Social Justice 101

Stress relieving desk-side yoga
Sydney Spears

Electronic communication in the workplace
Terese Thonus

Presentation Materials: E-mail Communication at Work

Maximizing your learning experience
Traci Fullerton

The financial food groups - What is on your plate?
Leticia Gradington

Eat, Move, Sleep
Kathleen Ames-Stratton

Presentation Materials: Eat Move Sleep


Creativity in the wild
Paul and Ruth Ann Atchley



Fooling ourselves: Why do we drive distracted?               
Paul Atchley, Professor, Professor and Associate Dean for Online and
Professional Education

Cultural identity and destiny
Matthew Gillispie, Clinical Assistant Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing:
Science & Disorders

Academia's unforgivable curse
Claudia Bode, Education Director, Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis



The art of ideas
May Tveit, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Design, and Planning




Diane Goddard, Vice Provost for Administration and Finance


Cindy Sexton, Assistant to the Chairperson, Department of Psychology


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