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2015 Employee Recognition Ceremony

This year's Employee Recognition Ceremony will be held on May 6th a 1:30 PM in the Kansas Union Ballroom. If you have any questions regarding the list of honorees or ceremony, please email hrdept@ku.edu

The 2015 Honorees are: 

Name Department Years of Service
Academic/Professional Programs
Dettbarn,Candace E. Academic/Professional Programs 35
Achievement & Assessment Inst
Jansen,Kathryn A. Achievement & Assessment Inst 40
Higgins,Cynthia A. Achievement & Assessment Inst 20
Mills,Lee Ann Achievement & Assessment Inst 20
Morris,Pamela J. Achievement & Assessment Inst 20
Dukstein,Rebecca Diane Achievement & Assessment Inst 20
Eason,Becky J Achievement & Assessment Inst 20
Chuong,Hong A Achievement & Assessment Inst 15
Heasty,Gretchen Anne Achievement & Assessment Inst 15
Henderson-Rowe,Lisa Diane Achievement & Assessment Inst 15
O'Dell,Julia J Achievement & Assessment Inst 15
Shaftel,Julia S Achievement & Assessment Inst 15
Slappy,Zsashamica Demetrius Achievement & Assessment Inst 15
Amison Jr,Willie L Achievement & Assessment Inst 10
Chang,Karin Lee Achievement & Assessment Inst 10
Herman,Ruth E Achievement & Assessment Inst 10
Studt,Nicholas L Achievement & Assessment Inst 10
Waller,Tonya Aisha Achievement & Assessment Inst 10
Woodard,William R Achievement & Assessment Inst 10
Bond,Candace Dyan Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Broaddus,Angela E Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Christenot,Stephanie Ann Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Hess,Mary Elizabeth Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Kramer,Laura Michelle Boehnlein Achievement & Assessment Inst 5
Aerospace Engineering
Ellison,Wesley E. Aerospace Engineering 15
Barrett,Ronald Martin Aerospace Engineering 10
Borton,Amy Renae Aerospace Engineering 10
Zheng,Zhongquan Aerospace Engineering 5
African/African Amer Studies
Ukpokodu,Peter African/African Amer Studies 25
Boussofara,Naima African/African Amer Studies 15
Ojiambo,Peter C Otiato African/African Amer Studies 5
Alumni Association
Shackelford,Stefanie Alumni Association 25
Wilson,Marcia Alumni Association 25
Younger,Susan R. Alumni Association 20
Lazzarino,Chris Alumni Association 20
Wick,J Michael Alumni Association 15
Johnston,David Dowell Alumni Association 15
Hill,Steven Alumni Association 15
Davis,Michael W Alumni Association 15
Brandt,Timothy E Alumni Association 10
Lewis,Danny B Alumni Association 10
Thornberry,Tegan J Alumni Association 10
Animal Care Unit
Tajchman,Allison Suzanne Animal Care Unit 10
Stull,Donald D. Anthropology 40
Dean,Bartholomew C. Anthropology 20
Womack,Mary Kathleen Anthropology 10
Sellet,Frederic Anthropology 5
Applied Behavioral Science
Morris,Edward K. Applied Behavioral Science 40
Fawcett,Stephen B. Applied Behavioral Science 40
Jackson,Yolanda Kaye Applied Behavioral Science 20
Steele Jr,Ric G Applied Behavioral Science 15
Digennaro Reed,Florence Donna Applied Behavioral Science 5
Reed,Derek D Applied Behavioral Science 5
Applied English Center
Perkins McGuinness,Mary E. Applied English Center 25
Heacock,Carolyn Applied English Center 20
Bonifield,Judy K Applied English Center 15
Blackman,Perrin Applied English Center 5
Hestand,John Randall Applied English Center 5
Kapusta Pofahl,David Charles Clemens Applied English Center 5
Kirk,Molly M Applied English Center 5
Mc Clintic,Mary Kathleen Applied English Center 5
Olesh,Ryan M Applied English Center 5
Ornella,Mary K Applied English Center 5
Architecture,Design & Planning
Elliott,Gera R. Architecture,Design & Planning 45
Rockhill,Danny Architecture,Design & Planning 35
Sander,Dennis J. Architecture,Design & Planning 35
Seba,Barbara Ann Architecture,Design & Planning 30
Patterson,Anne Margaret Architecture,Design & Planning 20
Troyer,Henry C. Architecture,Design & Planning 15
Rashid,Mahbub Architecture,Design & Planning 10
Army ROTC 
Pastrano, Jenny Army ROTC 15
Athletics Corporation
Williams,Todd Athletics Corporation 45
Thoma,Jean Athletics Corporation 30
Ramirez,Jason Matthew Athletics Corporation 20
Moore,Kathleen A. Athletics Corporation 20
Catloth,Robert W Athletics Corporation 20
Nachtigal,Brad G Athletics Corporation 15
Miller,Kimberly J Athletics Corporation 15
Miller,Kelly P Athletics Corporation 15
Jacobsen,Jeffrey Athletics Corporation 15
Redwine,Stanley W Athletics Corporation 15
Jarzemkoski,Catherine L Athletics Corporation 15
Donley,Milan T Athletics Corporation 15
Pedersen,David J Athletics Corporation 15
Brewer,Elisha N Athletics Corporation 10
Wainwright,Kenneth Bradley Athletics Corporation 10
Bieker,Bradley J Athletics Corporation 10
Shepperd,Larry D Athletics Corporation 10
Busboom,Craig A Athletics Corporation 10
Hare,Lawrence R Athletics Corporation 10
Kokhanovsky,Andrew Athletics Corporation 10
Wallace,Ann M Athletics Corporation 10
Jackson,JeNey J Athletics Corporation 5
Masterson III,Frank Frick Athletics Corporation 5
Mitchell,Reginald D Athletics Corporation 5
Chamberlain,Todd J Athletics Corporation 5
Weber,Ann Elizabeth Athletics Corporation 5
Plambeck,Melissa Athletics Corporation 5
Hays,Jeda D Athletics Corporation 5
Hahn,Scott Athletics Corporation 5
Audio Reader Program
Kesinger,Lori Rothengass Audio Reader Program 25
Lovato-Winston,Feloniz Versabe Audio Reader Program 10
Aviation Services
Montgomery,Lori Elizabeth Aviation Services 20
Pedersen,Randy J. Aviation Services 15
Kaff,Dale L Aviation Services 10
Biodiversity Institute
Morse,Caleb A. Biodiversity Institute 20
Beach,James H. Biodiversity Institute 20
Campbell,Heather Elaine Biodiversity Institute 15
Keeler,Jaime Rochelle Biodiversity Institute 10
Ornay,Gregory S Biodiversity Institute 10
Miller,Theresa Marie Biodiversity Institute 5
Johnson,David K Bioinformatics 10
Vakser,Ilya Bioinformatics 10
Deeds,Eric Jameson Bioinformatics 5
Biomedical Research SSC
Gorden, Faith Biomedical Research SSC 35
Williams, Peggy J Biomedical Research SSC 30
Huey,Peggy Lynn Biomedical Research SSC 10
Carlson,Amy Lynn Biomedical Research SSC 5
Biotech Innov & Optim Center
Haslam,John Lee Biotech Innov & Optim Center 20
Heppert,Kathleen Elizabeth Biotech Innov & Optim Center 20
Baltezor,Mike J Biotech Innov & Optim Center 5
Bureau of Child Research
Faiman, Morris Bureau of Child Research 50
Summers,Jean Ann Bureau of Child Research 40
Knoll,Michelle A. Bureau of Child Research 30
Roberts,Bernadine Bureau of Child Research 30
Colombo,John A. Bureau of Child Research 30
Simmons,Sheila J. Bureau of Child Research 25
Henry,Karen Anne Salisbury Bureau of Child Research 20
Moore,Patricia Ann Bureau of Child Research 20
Graham,Mariann Bureau of Child Research 20
Hill,Sandra Gay Bureau of Child Research 15
Moody,Debra Lee Bureau of Child Research 15
Palmer,Susan Beck Bureau of Child Research 15
Doyle-Colvin,Laura Marie Bureau of Child Research 10
Engels,Alan K Bureau of Child Research 10
Haaheim,Evelyn Louise Bureau of Child Research 10
Rosdahl,Andrew Joseph Bureau of Child Research 10
Enyart,Matthew J Bureau of Child Research 5
Feldmiller,Sarah Anne Bureau of Child Research 5
Gross,Judith M Staudenmaier Bureau of Child Research 5
Whitman,Douglas F. Business 40
Birch,Melissa H. Business 20
Anderson,Christopher William Business 15
Bittlingmayer,George Business 15
Fuerst,William L Business 15
Ottinger,Lisa L Business 15
Phillips,Alee Starr Business 15
Lee,Jeong-Yeon Business 10
May,Douglas R Business 10
Meyer Jr,Wallace W Business 10
Russell,Brian P Business 10
Zhao,Zheng Jane Business 10
Anderson,Caryn Patricia Business 5
Bronson,Scott N Business 5
Chadwick,Clinton D Business 5
Chatterjee,Promothesh Business 5
Crabb,Kelvie Ann Business 5
Emelio,Suzanna Business 5
Meschke,Jan Felix Business 5
Murray,Angela Kinney Business 5
Steutermann,Cynthia Ann Business 5
Walden,Joseph L Business 5
Business & Financial Planning
Aydukovich,Dana M. Business & Financial Planning 30
Glick,Kristina D Business & Financial Planning 15
Business Administration
Steinle,Deann Gerdes Business Administration 20
O'Connor,Jason P Business Administration 15
Beatty,Pollyanna S Business Administration 10
Edmonds,Charlotte Ayliene Business Administration 10
Rana,Waqas Business Administration 10
Spear,Georgiana Donohue Business Administration 10
Campus Operations
Long,Callie Jane Campus Operations 5
CED-KS Fire & Rescue Training
Couvelha,David O CED-KS Fire & Rescue Training 10
CED-Marketing & Communications
Klaudt,Lori Ann CED-Marketing & Communications 5
Center for STEM Learning
Eskilson,Edith D Center for STEM Learning 5
Obenhaus,Steven Lee Center for STEM Learning 5
Center for Teaching Excellence
Eddy,Judith Ann Center for Teaching Excellence 25
Chancellor's Office
McCurley,Kathleen Sue Chancellor's Office 5
Chemical & Petroleum Engr
Miner,Carol L. Chemical & Petroleum Engr 30
Bravo Suarez,Juan Jose Chemical & Petroleum Engr 5
Dhar,Prajnaparamita Chemical & Petroleum Engr 5
Drake,Robert C. Chemistry 45
Bowman-James,Kristin Chemistry 40
Johnson,Carey K. Chemistry 30
Dunn,Robert C. Chemistry 20
Go,Eden Parreno Chemistry 10
Johnson,Michael Alfred Chemistry 10
Knight,Elaine Verna Chemistry 10
Rubin,Mikhail A Chemistry 10
Rubina,Marina Yurievna Chemistry 10
Ahn,Yu Mi Chemistry 5
Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering
Marotz,Glen A. Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering 45
Cai,Hongyi Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering 5
Shaw,Michael H. Classics 45
Scioli,Emma J Classics 10
College of Liberal Arts & Sci
Steeples,Don W. College of Liberal Arts & Sci 40
LeRow,Pamela D. College of Liberal Arts & Sci 35
Goldstein,Robert Howell College of Liberal Arts & Sci 30
Kelley,Beth Ann College of Liberal Arts & Sci 25
Richardson,Sue A. College of Liberal Arts & Sci 20
Young,Christopher Bryan College of Liberal Arts & Sci 15
Atwood,Lanis E College of Liberal Arts & Sci 10
Bial,Henry Carl College of Liberal Arts & Sci 10
Isbell,Sherlyn Kay College of Liberal Arts & Sci 10
Reynolds,Mark B College of Liberal Arts & Sci 10
Owens,Lesley Ann College of Liberal Arts & Sci 5
Wiles,Christopher Bailey College of Liberal Arts & Sci 5
Communication Studies
Russo,Tracy A. Communication Studies 20
Innocenti,Beth Marie Communication Studies 15
Schimek,Samuel W Communication Studies 15
Koesten,Carolyn J. Communication Studies 5
Comptroller's Office
Huettenmueller,Ronnie L. Comptroller's Office 20
Kenn,Kevin Patrick Comptroller's Office 10
Mayne,Terry L Comptroller's Office 10
Robinson,Danita Marie Henderson Comptroller's Office 10
Traetta,Mariana Proenca Comptroller's Office 10
Botbyl,Brandon J Comptroller's Office 5
Continuing Education Admin
Muncy,Debra L. Continuing Education Admin 40
Peters,James Edward Continuing Education Admin 10
Counseling/Psych Svcs
Murphy,Stella Mae Counseling/Psych Svcs 15
Ctr Civic & Soc Responsibility
Dixon,Linda G Ctr Civic & Soc Responsibility 15
Ctr Enviro Benefical Catalysis
Atchison,Edwin Val Ctr Enviro Benefical Catalysis 25
Crisp,Nancy L Ctr Enviro Benefical Catalysis 10
Maiti,Swarup Ctr Enviro Benefical Catalysis 5
Partridge,Rhonda Kay Ctr Enviro Benefical Catalysis 5
Ramanathan,Anand Ctr Enviro Benefical Catalysis 5
Ctr for Research on Learning
Hock,Michael Frank Ctr for Research on Learning 25
Baker,Karyn Lee Ctr for Research on Learning 15
Brasseur,Irma Faye Ctr for Research on Learning 15
Mooney,Darrell E. Ctr for Research on Learning 15
Hare,Jana Marie Craig Ctr for Research on Learning 10
Ctr Global & Internatl Studies
Ahmad,Razi Ctr Global & Internatl Studies 5
Sternberg,Frances Glazer Ctr Global & Internatl Studies 5
Wuthrich,Fred Michael Ctr Global & Internatl Studies 5
Ctr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets
Monteau,Darryl Lynn Ctr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets 5
Paden,John Drysdale Ctr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets 5
Ctr Res Mthds & Data Analysis
Peyton,Vicki Ctr Res Mthds & Data Analysis 15
Curriculum & Teaching
Markham,Paul L. Curriculum & Teaching 25
Nielsen,Diane Corcoran Curriculum & Teaching 25
Phipps,Barbara J. Curriculum & Teaching 25
Mahlios,Marc C. Curriculum & Teaching 20
Herrmann-Ginsberg,Lauri L Curriculum & Teaching 10
Jorgensen,Karen Ann Curriculum & Teaching 10
Cleavinger,Laurie A Curriculum & Teaching 5
Hilding,Jerel L. Dance 25
Varney,Richard T. Design 35
Talleur,Linda Samson Design 15
Eckersley,Michael Dean Design 10
Fair,Steven M Design 10
Raines,Samantha S Design 10
Schweppe,Derick Ray Design 5
Design & Construction Mgmt
Myers,Leigh Gregory Design & Construction Mgmt 5
Shaw,Tanya Lee Design & Construction Mgmt 20
Anthony,Sharon Kay Design & Construction Mgmt 15
Hadl,Kevin Vernon Design & Construction Mgmt 15
Thomas,Ryan Anthony Design & Construction Mgmt 10
Flaherty,Larry Mathew Design & Construction Mgmt 5
Gagliano,Laura D Design & Construction Mgmt 5
Dole Institute of Politics
Ballard,Barbara W. Dole Institute of Politics 35
Coleman,Audrey DeEtte McKanna Dole Institute of Politics 10
Douglas County Legal Aid Socie
Wrigley,Barbara J. Douglas County Legal Aid Socie 30
East Asian Languages&Cultures
Gerbert,Elaine Tashiro East Asian Languages&Cultures 25
Lhunpo,Champa Tenzin East Asian Languages&Cultures 10
Williams,Crispin Lawrence East Asian Languages&Cultures 10
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Denoyelles Jr,Frank Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 40
Martin,Craig E. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 35
Krishtalka,Leonard Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 20
Taylor,Thomas Norwood Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 20
Cartwright,Paulyn Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 15
Engel,Michael S Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 15
Brown,Rafe Marion Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 10
Hileman,Lena Catherine Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 10
Soberon,Jorge Mainero Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 10
Wu,Shu Economics 15
Manopimoke,Pym Economics 5
Ed Leadership & Policy Studies
Imber,Michael Ed Leadership & Policy Studies 35
Twombly,Susan B. Ed Leadership & Policy Studies 30
Aust, Ronald Ed Leadership & Policy Studies 30
Wolf-Wendel,Lisa Ellen Ed Leadership & Policy Studies 20
Education Administration
Lichtenberg,James Wilcox Education Administration 40
Roberts,Sally L. Education Administration 30
Edmonds,Tiffany Renee Education Administration 15
Ginsberg,Richard J Education Administration 10
Reynolds,Belinda S Education Administration 10
Robinson,Melissa Renee Education Administration 10
Edwards Campus
Mellenbruch,Jennifer Lynn Edwards Campus 30
Marrs,Diana J Edwards Campus 15
Mueller,Daniel W Edwards Campus 15
Trujillo,Jose F Edwards Campus 10
Electrical Engr & Comp Science
Grzymala-Busse,Jerzy W. Electrical Engr & Comp Science 35
Rowland,James Electrical Engr & Comp Science 30
Petr,David W. Electrical Engr & Comp Science 25
Saiedian,Hossein Electrical Engr & Comp Science 15
Shadoin,Pamala Carol Electrical Engr & Comp Science 15
Blunt,Shannon David Electrical Engr & Comp Science 10
Perrins,Erik Samuel Electrical Engr & Comp Science 10
Sterbenz,James Philip Guenther Electrical Engr & Comp Science 10
Altman,Maureen Theresa Electrical Engr & Comp Science 5
Stouffer,Melissa R Electrical Engr & Comp Science 5
Engineering Administration
Chavez,Michael A Engineering Administration 5
Howard,Dustin C Engineering Administration 5
Neiss,Charles R Engineering Administration 5
Carothers,James B. English 45
Irby,Kenneth L. English 30
Wedge,Philip C. English 30
Devitt,Amy J. English 30
Harrington,John J. English 20
Ellis,Iain James Whyte English 15
Evans,Stephen F. English 15
Farmer, Frank English 15
Johnson,Stephen E. English 15
Roche,Nicole Michelle English 10
Canady,Darren Michael English 5
Fullwood,Kendra L English 5
Reiff,Mary Jo English 5
Environment Health & Safety
Cattoor,Larry G Environment Health & Safety 10
Bishop,Christopher R Environmental Studies Program 5
Film and Media Studies
Willmott,Kevin Lamar Film and Media Studies 15
Lacy,Madison D Film and Media Studies 10
Financial Aid & Scholarship
Weaver,Joan C. Financial Aid & Scholarship 30
Phillips,Janet Jo Financial Aid & Scholarship 10
French & Italian
Jewers,Caroline A. French & Italian 25
Kelly,Mary Byrd French & Italian 20
Ghezzo,Elena French & Italian 15
Swanson,Kimberly Anne Bankart French & Italian 10
Ghezzo,Paola French & Italian 5
FS Central Shops
Ramirez,Thomas G. FS Central Shops 40
Bame,Jack L. FS Central Shops 15
Brockway,Steven S FS Central Shops 10
Morey,Adam G FS Central Shops 10
Shaw,Christopher Nathan FS Central Shops 10
Allen,Ronald R FS Central Shops 5
Baker,Patrick W FS Central Shops 5
Bonebrake,Steven Ray FS Central Shops 5
FS Landscaping
Rawlings,Larry D. FS Landscaping 35
Higgins,Tim E. FS Landscaping 30
Lund,Terry Lee FS Landscaping 15
Spillman,Christina S. FS Landscaping 15
Terry,Kenneth Charles FS Landscaping 15
Burruss,Kerry L FS Landscaping 10
Arnold,Anthony Keith FS Landscaping 5
FS Vehicle Operations
Brooks,Craig A FS Vehicle Operations 10
FS Zone Maintenance
Bryant, William  FS Zone Maintenance 35
Umscheid,David E. FS Zone Maintenance 35
Buchanan,Robert L. FS Zone Maintenance 35
Romero,Rueben D. FS Zone Maintenance 30
Toledo,Alejandro Delfino FS Zone Maintenance 30
Bryant,Judy K. FS Zone Maintenance 30
Braide,Amy O Dokubo FS Zone Maintenance 25
Creason,Donald Lester FS Zone Maintenance 25
Fraser,Richard Douglas FS Zone Maintenance 25
Hewitt,Wendy Sue FS Zone Maintenance 20
Jaimez,Daniel V. FS Zone Maintenance 20
Meyer,Debra J. FS Zone Maintenance 20
Wright,Michael Douglas FS Zone Maintenance 20
Bryce Jr,Thomas Wayne FS Zone Maintenance 20
Cook,Richard Kent FS Zone Maintenance 15
Daniels,Luke G. FS Zone Maintenance 15
Dreiling,John Robert FS Zone Maintenance 15
Harris,Tina Gale FS Zone Maintenance 15
Jones,Patricia R FS Zone Maintenance 15
Martinez,Mary Ellen FS Zone Maintenance 15
Paul,Craig R. FS Zone Maintenance 15
Ballard,Stephen Paul FS Zone Maintenance 10
Cooper,Kevin Warren FS Zone Maintenance 10
Cribbs,Alicia Joann FS Zone Maintenance 10
Devries,Gunter FS Zone Maintenance 10
Droge II,Gerald Walter FS Zone Maintenance 10
Galbraith,Clayton Miles FS Zone Maintenance 10
Girty,Stephen Leon FS Zone Maintenance 10
Hathaway,Adam Wayne FS Zone Maintenance 10
Hyde,Josie Linn FS Zone Maintenance 10
Karakuts,Yuriy FS Zone Maintenance 10
Lin,Christopher FS Zone Maintenance 10
Loop,Pamela L FS Zone Maintenance 10
Mannell,Christopher C. FS Zone Maintenance 10
Mendoza,Debbie Lee FS Zone Maintenance 10
Morlan,Stephen Wayne FS Zone Maintenance 10
Prescott,Thomas E FS Zone Maintenance 10
Sierra,Leticia Kay FS Zone Maintenance 10
Jorge,Isidora FS Zone Maintenance 5
Lemons,Robert Eugene FS Zone Maintenance 5
Munger,Justin Lloyd FS Zone Maintenance 5
Munger,Laura Lee FS Zone Maintenance 5
Nelson,Christopher Jamaal FS Zone Maintenance 5
Taylor,Christopher Ramzah FS Zone Maintenance 5
Watts,Amanda Brooke FS Zone Maintenance 5
General Counsel
Pottorff,James P General Counsel 15
Rolf,Rachel Elizabeth General Counsel 5
Koerner,Beverly M. Geography 45
Cheong,So-Min Geography 10
Walton,Anthony W. Geology 40
Walker,James D. Geology 30
Taylor,Michael Halford Geology 10
Andrew,Joseph Emery Geology 5
Ueshima,Masato Geology 5
Germanic Languages/Literatures
Morrison,Jimmy Donald Germanic Languages/Literatures 15
Graduate Studies
Lukehart,Janet Ann Graduate Studies 10
Hall Center for the Humanities
Porsch, Kathy Hall Center for the Humanities 25
Utech,Sally F Hall Center for the Humanities 5
Health Sport &Exercise Science
Greene,J. Leon Health Sport &Exercise Science 40
Aldrich,Teresa Jo Health Sport &Exercise Science 20
McConnaughey Jr,Byron E. Health Sport &Exercise Science 15
Vardiman,John P Health Sport &Exercise Science 10
Higuchi Biosciences Center
Carlyle,Linda Kay Higuchi Biosciences Center 25
Rork,Amy L. Higuchi Biosciences Center 15
Neuenswander,Benjamin Higuchi Biosciences Center 10
Schoenen Jr,Frank Higuchi Biosciences Center 10
Welton,Rebecca V Higuchi Biosciences Center 10
Becklin-Atkinson,Katie Marie Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Bender,Aaron Matthew Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Chilton,Annemarie Sydney Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Flaherty,Daniel P Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Maxwell,Juliann Marie Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
McMillan,Jill L Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Park,Hyewon Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Perera,Koralagamage Chamani T Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Rogers,Steven Andrew Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Senadheera,S P Sanjeewa Nilendra Higuchi Biosciences Center 5
Hilltop Child Development Ctr
Pisani,Michael C. Hilltop Child Development Ctr 15
Lewin,Thomas James History 40
Rosenthal,Anton Benjamin History 25
Clark,Jonathan Charles History 20
Weber,Jennifer L History 10
Wood,Nathaniel David History 10
Gregg,Sara Mills History 5
History of Art
Eldredge,Charles C. History of Art 45
Stone-Ferrier,Linda A. History of Art 35
Olson,Mark S. History of Art 20
Fowler,Sherry D. History of Art 15
Kessler,Marni Reva History of Art 15
Housing Office Administration
Grosdidier,Joan M. Housing Office Administration 45
Robertson,Diana Lynn Housing Office Administration 15
Herrera,Matthew Phillip Housing Office Administration 5
Sowa,Christopher M Housing Office Administration 5
Human Resources
Burkhead,Pamela J. Human Resources 35
Boley,Lisa A. Human Resources 25
Karten,Mary F. Human Resources 20
Strong,Mary Lou Human Resources 20
Timson,Natalie Joann Human Resources 10
Jones,Jami Ann Human Resources 5
McBee,Jennifer York Human Resources 5
Humanities & Western Civ
Botkin,Richard D Humanities & Western Civ 15
Urie,Dale Marie Humanities & Western Civ 15
Mihesuah,Devon Abbott Humanities & Western Civ 10
Info & Telecom Tech Center
Searl,Leon S Info & Telecom Tech Center 15
Mason,Wesley E Info & Telecom Tech Center 10
Information Technology
Paul,Craig Allen Information Technology 30
Pesek-Shields,Elizabeth A. Information Technology 30
Chavez,Gene Murray Information Technology 30
Wagner,Pamela L. Information Technology 25
Hopkins,William Anthony Information Technology 20
Neff,Julie Ann Information Technology 20
Rinnert,John M. Information Technology 20
Robison,Sandra A. Information Technology 20
Burgardt,Daniel J Information Technology 10
Crawshaw,James Benton Information Technology 10
Crook,Christopher G Information Technology 10
Lindberg,Curtis A Information Technology 10
Meston,Jenine Dawn Information Technology 10
Ouyang,Hui Information Technology 10
Powell,Mason E Information Technology 10
Rong,Dongsheng Information Technology 10
Aveyard-Elo,Amanda Jeanne Information Technology 5
Batni,Sourabh Information Technology 5
Copeland,Matthew M Information Technology 5
Droge II,Thomas Joseph Information Technology 5
Freeze,Eric P Information Technology 5
Holcomb,Gregg E Information Technology 5
McCullough,Amber Maureen Information Technology 5
Zavala,Taylor Information Technology 5
Inst for Policy & Social Res
Knight,Leigh Anne Taylor Inst for Policy & Social Res 5
Intercollegiate Athletics
Kennedy,Dennis Ray Intercollegiate Athletics 25
Miller,Charles J Intercollegiate Athletics 5
Schwartz,Jeffrey Bowie Intercollegiate Athletics 5
International Programs
Gronbeck-Tedesco,Susan L. International Programs 35
Lorenz,Marilyn S International Programs 15
Bankart,Charles Allen Swanson International Programs 10
Broers,Rose Mary International Programs 5
IRA Recruitment & UG Admissions
Johnston, Daphne IRA Recruitment 25
Holstead,Carol Elizabeth Journalism 25
Volek,Thomas W. Journalism 25
Brill,Ann Marie Journalism Administration 15
Kansas Geological Survey
Deputy,James O. Kansas Geological Survey 35
Evans,Catherine S. Kansas Geological Survey 30
Nelson,Kenneth A. Kansas Geological Survey 20
Hunsinger,Keith L Kansas Geological Survey 10
Jones,Eileen Emmi Kansas Geological Survey 10
Ludvigson,Gregory A Kansas Geological Survey 10
Wedel,Brett A Kansas Geological Survey 10
Knobbe,Steven J Kansas Geological Survey 5
Kansas Public Radio
Brown, Cordelia Brink Kansas Public Radio 25
Slote,Jason M. Kansas Public Radio 20
Staab,Jeremy D. Kansas Public Radio 20
Lorson,Laura Ann Kansas Public Radio 15
Norton,George D Kansas Public Radio 10
Kansas Unions-Campus Dining
Huneryager,Gregory A. Kansas Unions-Campus Dining 20
Kreie,Lisa L Kansas Unions-Campus Dining 15
KS Biological Survey
Huggins,Donald KS Biological Survey 45
Kettle,Dean KS Biological Survey 40
Liechti,Paul M. KS Biological Survey 40
Kastens,Jude H. KS Biological Survey 20
Lovett,Jim KS Biological Survey 20
Baker,Debra Sue KS Biological Survey 15
Dobbs,Kevin Edward KS Biological Survey 15
Houts,Michael Edmund KS Biological Survey 15
Baranski,Brandy Elaine Hildreth KS Biological Survey 10
Bosnak,Kirsten A KS Biological Survey 5
Rogers,David C KS Biological Survey 5
KU Memorial Unions
Arneson,Janice KU Memorial Unions 25
Green,Ellen E. KU Memorial Unions 20
Corrigan III,William E KU Memorial Unions 15
Fieger,Robert D KU Memorial Unions 10
Todd,Samuel Adam KU Memorial Unions 10
Hurwitz,David L KU Memorial Unions 10
Englebrecht,Lisa K KU Memorial Unions 10
Anthony,Nathanael J KU Memorial Unions 10
Woodson,Randall C KU Memorial Unions 10
Poage,Linda KU Memorial Unions 10
Rea,Andrew KU Memorial Unions 10
Reno,Hugh David KU Memorial Unions 5
Mehrer,Kaidee Gale KU Memorial Unions 5
McManness,Brenda R KU Memorial Unions 5
LeBar,George Andrew KU Memorial Unions 5
Monaghan,Michael Ryan KU Memorial Unions 5
Beyer,Frankie Lynne KU Memorial Unions 5
Kelly,Thomas Robert KU Memorial Unions 5
Ray,Teresa Ann KU Memorial Unions 5
Clark, Christopher James KU Memorial Unions 5
Pouy,John KU Memorial Unions 5
KU News Service
Krings,Michael J KU News Service 10
Law Administration
Palmer,Vicki Lynne Law Administration 15
Law Enforcement Training Ctr
Devine,Gerald D. Law Enforcement Training Ctr 25
Pavey,Edwin Harold Law Enforcement Training Ctr 25
Lemen Jr,Phillip Wayne Law Enforcement Training Ctr 15
Shand-Adams,Kelly Law Enforcement Training Ctr 15
Sowers Jr,Alvin L Law Enforcement Training Ctr 15
Jolliff,Bruce A Law Enforcement Training Ctr 10
Roberts,Karen Grace Law Enforcement Training Ctr 10
Turner,Glenna Sue Law Enforcement Training Ctr 5
Law Library
Crawford,Pamela McDaniel Law Library 20
Law School
Logan,LaVerta Mae Law School 35
DeLaTorre,Phillip Law School 35
Levy,Richard E. Law School 30
Head,John W. Law School 25
Torrance,Andrew William Law School 10
Ho,Virginia Emily Law School 5
Liberal Arts & Sciences SSC
Holladay,Robin A. Liberal Arts & Sciences SSC 35
Allenbrand,Ruth A Liberal Arts & Sciences SSC 25
Figuieras,Marilyn F. Liberal Arts & Sciences SSC 25
Benfield,Elizabeth Rose Knapik Liberal Arts & Sciences SSC 20
Proctor,Martha Ellen Liberal Arts & Sciences SSC 15
Swenson-Tucker,Cathy A Liberal Arts & Sciences SSC 15
Milford,Jody Elizabeth Liberal Arts & Sciences SSC 10
Hudson,Leslie Lynelle Liberal Arts & Sciences SSC 5
Miller,Kent E Libraries-General 50
Alexander,Channette Libraries-General 45
Couch,Sarah King Libraries-General 45
Marvin,Robert H Libraries-General 40
Roach,Mary Katherine Libraries-General 40
Mauler,Alvin J Libraries-General 35
Traxler,JoAnna L Libraries-General 35
Proctor,Jo N Libraries-General 30
Dyer,Wanda D Libraries-General 25
Slater II,James A Libraries-General 25
Wolz,Lyn Ann Libraries-General 20
Rathmel,Angela Dee Libraries-General 15
Richardson,Sarah A Libraries-General 15
Sanders,Adrienne Elizabeth Libraries-General 15
Stratton,John M Libraries-General 15
Thiel,Sarah Webb Goodwin Libraries-General 15
Woodrick,Julia Christine Libraries-General 15
Becker,Jill K Libraries-General 10
Bi,Fen Xiu Libraries-General 10
Ellis,Erin Lindsay Libraries-General 10
Giullian,Jon Christopher Libraries-General 10
Grant,Sharlane Tyra Libraries-General 10
Johnson,Jennifer Lee Libraries-General 10
Readinger,Michael H Libraries-General 10
Sauerwein,Daniel G Libraries-General 10
Karwas,Rachel Yvonne Libraries-General 5
Lubbers,Michele Joan Libraries-General 5
Raple,Mary Ellen Libraries-General 5
Whittaker,Beth Michelle Libraries-General 5
Lied Center
Hause,Ann Hockenberry Lied Center 20
Wendel,John D. Lied Center 20
Scouffas,Anthea Rebecca Lied Center 10
Gabriele,Alison Margaret Linguistics 10
Torrence,William Harold Linguistics 10
Morales, Rosa Linguistics 5
Marketing Communications
Koch,Douglas M. Marketing Communications 25
DiVilbiss,Carol Beth Marketing Communications 10
Sheu,Albert Jeu Liang Mathematics 30
Xu,Hongguo Mathematics 15
Kachi,Yasuyuki Mathematics 10
Martin,Jeremy L Mathematics 10
Nualart,David Mathematics 10
Oh,Myunghyun Mathematics 10
Scholle,Minho C. Mathematics 10
Console,Alexander H Mathematics 5
Tu,Xuemin Mathematics 5
Mechanical Engineering
Fischer,Kenneth J. Mechanical Engineering 15
Maletsky,Lorin P Mechanical Engineering 15
Medicinal Chemistry
Buttenhoff,Cynthia J. Medicinal Chemistry 50
David,Sunil Abraham Medicinal Chemistry 15
Dunaway,Revellia Frances Medicinal Chemistry 10
Timmermann,Barbara N Medicinal Chemistry 10
Gallagher,Robert J Medicinal Chemistry 5
Molecular Biosciences
Orr,James A. Molecular Biosciences 40
Stetler,Dean A. Molecular Biosciences 30
Gegenheimer,Peter Albert Molecular Biosciences 30
Benedict,Stephen H. Molecular Biosciences 25
Lundquist,Erik A Molecular Biosciences 15
Azuma,Yoshiaki Molecular Biosciences 10
De Guzman,Roberto Nguyen Molecular Biosciences 10
Im,Wonpil Molecular Biosciences 10
Xu,Liang Molecular Biosciences 5
Molecular Structures Group
Day,Victor W Molecular Structures Group 10
Multicultural Affairs
Porras,Precious Heart Multicultural Affairs 10
Clark,Camille L Multicultural Affairs 5
Higdon Jr,James M. Music 35
Ferrell,Mark T. Music 30
Gailey,Daniel J. Music 25
Berghout,Elizabeth Egbert Music 15
Colwell Dunn,Cynthia Melissa Music 15
Broxholm,Julia A Music 10
Popiel,Paul W Music 5
Street,David Alan Music 5
Music Administration
Walzel Jr,Robert L Music Administration 5
Office of Admissions
Simon,Heidi Jo Office of Admissions 15
Chaney,Kathryn L Office of Admissions 10
Sweeten,Barbara Saunders Office of Admissions 10
Bartz,Kindra Lynn Office of Admissions 5
Brouhard,Adrianne Elizabeth Office of Admissions 5
Frizzell,Anne Theresa Office of Admissions 5
Keefer,Cassandra Renee Office of Admissions 5
Markley,Rebecca H Office of Admissions 5
Painter,Amanda Jorgine Office of Admissions 5
Office of Research
Abel,Anita Office of Research 40
Darnell,Jay Office of Research 40
Heppert,Joseph A. Office of Research 30
Marino,Lucille Anna Office of Research 20
Bernet,Bradley Jay Office of Research 15
Biles,Nancy A Office of Research 15
Byers,Douglas Eric Office of Research 15
Cregg,Gina  Office of Research 15
Coonfield,Daniel Lee Office of Research 10
Sadovsky,Adrienne Lisa Office of Research 10
Small,Jessica Ruth Office of Research 10
Bennett Monroe,Elizabeth Jane Office of Research 5
Dyson Elms,Stephanie Lynn Office of Research 5
Henry,Amanda Evelyn Office of Research 5
Walker, Cynthia R. Office of Research 5
Parking & Transit
Olson,Mary B. Parking & Transit 30
Moore,James D Parking & Transit 10
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Stobaugh,John F. Pharmaceutical Chemistry 30
Joshi,Sangeeta Bagai Pharmaceutical Chemistry 15
Picking,Wendy Lynn Pharmaceutical Chemistry 10
Hagen,Anna J Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5
Volkin,David B Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5
Pharmacy Practice
Godwin,Harold N Pharmacy Practice 40
Grauer,Dennis W Pharmacy Practice 15
Ruisinger,Janelle Faye Pharmacy Practice 15
Urish,Sandra Deen Pharmacy Practice 15
Tuozzo,Thomas M. Philosophy 25
Frykholm,Erin Amanda Philosophy 5
Physics and Astronomy
Curry,Robert T. Physics and Astronomy 35
Hunt Ward,Tizby C. Physics and Astronomy 30
Kong,Kyoungchul Physics and Astronomy 5
Political Science
Johnson,Carolyn P. Political Science 25
Reich,Gary Matthew Political Science 20
Pickerel,Linda May Political Science 15
Britton,Hannah E Political Science 10
Procurement Services
Wustefeld,Rechelle Ann Procurement Services 15
Avery,Vickie L Procurement Services 10
Provost Office
Goddard,Diane Hoose Provost Office 30
Coffin,Abigail Denise Provost Office 10
Parnell,Sharon Lea Provost Office 5
Vitter,Jeffrey Scott Provost Office 5
Psych & Research in Education
Poggio,John C. Psych & Research in Education 45
Harrington,Robert G. Psych & Research in Education 35
Kerr,Barbara Alane Psych & Research in Education 10
O'Keefe,Cathy L Psychology 15
Terry,Leesa D Psychology 10
Woods,Carol M Psychology 5
Public Safety Office
Patchen,Sandra S. Public Safety Office 50
Supancic,Carol Francis Public Safety Office 35
Wieden,Gary S. Public Safety Office 35
Anguiano,James E. Public Safety Office 25
Williams,Robert J. Public Safety Office 25
Mies,Kevin M Public Safety Office 15
Shipman,Peter A Public Safety Office 15
Carpenter,Todd W Public Safety Office 10
Schillinger,Daniel J Public Safety Office 10
Wiseman,Thomas P Public Safety Office 5
Recreation Services
Dickey,John M Recreation Services 10
Borton,Tracy Allen Recreation Services 5
Religious Studies
Brinton,Jacquelene G Religious Studies 5
Russian, E Euro & Eurasian Std
Redford,Bart Lee Russian, E Euro & Eurasian Std 10
School of Pharmacy
Heidrick,Joseph Eli School of Pharmacy 5
School of Public Affairs&Admin
Goerdel,Holly Thompson School of Public Affairs&Admin 10
Fowles,Jacob T School of Public Affairs&Admin 5
Getha-Taylor,Heather G School of Public Affairs&Admin 5
Gray,Alecia Wilkes Sanders School of Public Affairs&Admin 5
Ho,Alfred Tat-Kei School of Public Affairs&Admin 5
Robinson,Reginald L. School of Public Affairs&Admin 5
Slavic Languages & Literatures
Greenberg,Marc L. Slavic Languages & Literatures 25
Social Welfare
Spano,Richard Niles Social Welfare 40
L'Ecuyer,Cheryl L. Social Welfare 35
Rapp,Charles A. Social Welfare 35
Bruns,Kimberly S. Social Welfare 20
Goscha,Rick Joseph Social Welfare 15
Brook,Joanna P. Social Welfare 10
Johnson,Toni K Social Welfare 10
Lewis,Melinda Kay Social Welfare 10
OBrien,Megan Seana Social Welfare 10
Young,Leslie Marie Social Welfare 5
Social Welfare Administration
Hofer,Elizabeth Ann Social Welfare Administration 15
Smith,David Norman Sociology 25
Butler,Corinne E Sociology 5
Spanish & Portuguese
Day,Stuart Alexander Spanish & Portuguese 10
Garibotto,Veronica Ines Spanish & Portuguese 5
Murray,Julia Kay Spanish & Portuguese 5
Special Education
Turnbull,Ann P. Special Education 35
Sailor,Wayne Stratford Special Education 25
Brasseur,Irma Faye Special Education 15
Horn,Eva Marie Special Education 15
Warren,Steve F. Speech-Language-Hearing 15
Gillispie,William M Speech-Language-Hearing 10
Harris,Rebecca Speech-Language-Hearing 10
Spencer Museum of Art
Coester,Daniel R. Spencer Museum of Art 25
Ashline,Susan J Spencer Museum of Art 10
Talbott,Jennifer Elizabeth Neuburger Spencer Museum of Art 10
Blocksome,Rebecca M Spencer Museum of Art 5
Straughn,MaryCelka K Spencer Museum of Art 5
SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops
Argueta,Patricia M. SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 30
Davis, Cynthia A SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 20
Smith,Sabine B. SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 25
Keidel,Sabrina L SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 15
Sledd,Mary Sue SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 15
Anderson, Patrice SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 10
Baker,Matthew Alex SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 5
Chilcoat,Jessica Ann SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 5
Cole,Melissa Dawn SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 5
Jordan,Connie Lynn SSCCAO Campus Admin & Ops 5
Stu Involve & Leaders Ctr-SILC
Perez,Rueben D Stu Involve & Leaders Ctr-SILC 15
Student Affairs
Gradington,Leticia Ann Student Affairs 5
Student Information Systems
Schuler,Christine Marie Student Information Systems 30
Bond,Julie A. Student Information Systems 30
Blann,Rendra L. Student Information Systems 15
Coons,Yukiko Minamikawa Student Information Systems 15
Griffin,Angela C Student Information Systems 15
Victoriano,Beverly Michelle Student Information Systems 15
Study Abroad
Chaison,Nancy B. Study Abroad 30
Bremer,Nathanael S Study Abroad 10
Tertiary Oil Recovery Project
Johnson,Stephen John Tertiary Oil Recovery Project 10
Pryor,Katherine L. Theatre 35
Rendall,Susan Theatre 15
McCall,Ryan Michael Theatre 5
Undergraduate Biology Program
Proudfoot,Kandi Marie Undergraduate Biology Program 30
Transue,Susan Ann Undergraduate Biology Program 15
Hueston,Jennifer L. Undergraduate Biology Program 10
Hallberg,Constance Ann Undergraduate Biology Program 5

Undergraduate Studies
Marsh IV, Curtis Undergraduate Studies 20
University Registrar
Ash,Melodie Diane University Registrar 20
Harding Jr,Wesley Michael University Registrar 5
Visual Art
McCrea,Judith Kay Burns Visual Art 25
Hachmeister,John Arthur Visual Art 20
Krueger,Michael J. Visual Art 20
Velasco,Francisca Maria Visual Art 20
Carter,Carol Ann Visual Art 20
Bitters,Shawn T Visual Art 10
Burke,Matthew B Visual Art 10
Watkins Health Services
Loudon,Karen L. Watkins Health Services 30
Hurd,Donna A. Watkins Health Services 25
Kimble,Laura B Watkins Health Services 15
Brown,Patti L Watkins Health Services 10
DeSalvo,Carolyn N Watkins Health Services 10
Gillespie,Joseph D Watkins Health Services 10
Malott,Diana Lynn Watkins Health Services 10
Roberts,Michele L Watkins Health Services 10
Rosebaugh,Cathy A Watkins Health Services 10
Sawyer,Donis Jean Watkins Health Services 10
Haar,Linda S Watkins Health Services 5
Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Ajayi,Omofolabo A. Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies 25

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